Clinical Herbalism and Therapeutics

From therapeutic principles of holistic herbalism and how to address specific conditions, to tips and tricks for assessment, formulation, and other nuggets of clinical gold, these posts are all about supporting your work with people.

Addicted to Bitters

In our modern world where it seems like almost everyone has a digestive symptom of some sort, and bitters or bitter tasting herbs, are becoming

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Adverse Reactions to Herbs – What they are and how to avoid them

One of the biggest fears that we have as herbalists and as practitioners is that not only will our remedies potentially not work or heal the person that we’re working with, but that they might actually do harm, that we might give someone a plant and it creates an issue for them in their body, or maybe that they have a really bad reaction.

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The One Herb Formula

Sometimes when I walk through the grocery store, I’ll pick up a bottle off of the many shelves of herbal supplements and check out what their formulas look like. I like to see how people think through, or in many cases, don’t think through how to put an herbal formula together.

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Medical Astrology and Herbalism: Saturn

The root of our day of the week Saturday shows it’s direct reflection of the 7 planets ruling the 7 days of the week, as it used to be “Saturnday.” Here I’ll outline a few principles of this most important planet in medical astrology and herbalism.

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