There's literally no other school like this.

We offer in-depth online programs and live workshops on a broad spectrum of herbal traditions with a unique twist. We're not into surface level herbalism over here - we delve into some of the most ancient and profound systems of medicine from around the world.

You'll find courses ranging from traditional Alchemy and the art of preparing Spagyric herbal medicines to Medical Astrology. We dive deep into Vitalist Western Herbalism and Ayurveda, giving you a well rounded foundation between the clinical aspects of herbal medicine and the spiritual levels of healing with plant medicine.

“This school lays the groundwork for a perspective that has the potential to change the way humans live on the Earth. It has provided deep insight into approaches of healing, herbalism, and the cosmologies behind them, which can be applied to the many layers of plant medicine in a way that heals and transforms.”

-Mattie Morton, Nevada City CA - student of the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program and Alchemical Herbalism

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Get the first issue of Materia Medica Monthly for free!

Our Story

We fell in love in a field of Hawthorn berries...

The plants found us, healed us, and called us to carry their medicine into the world. And then they brought us together.

We've been walking the plant path side by side ever since.


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