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the roots of disease

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Preventing disease before it takes root

As a holistic herbalist, you don’t just want the people you serve to be free from symptoms…

You want them to be vibrantly healthy.

Physically strong. Psychologically clear. Emotionally balanced. And spiritually evolving.

The paradigm of true holistic herbalism is based not just on treating disease, but preventing it by promoting health on all levels.

Unfortunately, most of modern herbalism is focused on allopathically treating symptoms.

Enhancing the Healing Power of Herbalism With the Precision of Medical Astrology

Most people don’t realize it, but astrology was once an integral part of western herbalism and the practice of medicine.

The medical branch of astrology gives you a detailed map of someone’s unique physiological landscape, predispositions towards disease, and how the health of the body is intricately woven into the mind, heart, and soul.

Medical astrology reveals what plants are best to treat the unique person, not their disease. It’s a map of disease prevention, potent herbal pharmacy, strategic formulation, and ultimately helps you to heal the whole person with the whole plant. 

The synergy of medical astrology and clinical herbalism is the ultimate map for preventative, rejuvenative, and transformational healing.



online program from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism

The most comprehensive and in-depth integration of


This is not some woo-woo astrology class with some herbs in there. Nor is it a just list of what remedies are “good for” your sun sign. 

This is a deep integration of medical astrology and the fundamental principles of herbalism East and West, taught by an actual practitioner that uses Astro-Herbalism clinically. 

By harnessing the precision of astrology with the potency of the plants, you’ll learn to see the deeper meaning behind disease, the essential healing properties of plants, and a practice where you can equally heal the body, psyche and soul.

Here's what you'll learn​


The core curriculum of Astro-Herbalism is learning the 10 planetary bodies and the 12 signs of the zodiac, charting their holistic relationship to both people and plants on the physical, energetic and spiritual levels. This is not just lists of plants for planets, but a deep integration of clinical herbalism and medical astrology. 

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Foundations of astro-herbalism

Foundations of Astro-Herbalism

Learn how the foundations of astrology grow from the same root as traditional systems of medicine. You'll be able to easily translate between models by learning the universality of the 4 Elements, 3 Modes and 7 Planets and their connections to Western herbal traditions, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Alchemy.

Astral Anatomy & Physiology

Take your understanding of anatomy and physiology to the next level by learning how the Planets and Signs correspond to the organ systems, tissues, and biochemical pathways of the body, as well as their connection to core psychological and emotional patterns.

Your Astrological Constitution

Determine your unique astrological constitution and its relationship to the 3 doshas of Ayurveda. This will give you a greater self awareness as you see the astrological influences shaping your body and mind. With this information, your choice and use of herbal remedies becomes more specific and accurate.
core psychological & emotional patterns

Core Psychological & Emotional Patterns

We go far beyond “Aries’ are courageous and Cancer’s are sensitive.” You’ll learn the why behind core psychological patterning of each sign and planet, both through their positive and “shadow” expressions. Learn how plants influence these archetypes to reach optimal psychological, emotional, and spiritual health.

plant-planet correspondences

Plant-Planet Correspondences

No lists!! You'll get the exact framework for how to determine astrological correspondences in plants for yourself. From herbal actions, tastes and energetics, to therapeutics, morphology and medicine making, you’ll learn the fundamentals for how to correlate core herbal properties to the planets and signs. You won’t find this level of detail on the patterns between astrology and herbalism anywhere else!
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the astral materia medica

The Astral Materia Medica

As you learn the core properties of the signs and planets you'll get specific plant examples that embody specific characteristics of that archetype. This helps you see the nature of correspondences directly, strengthens your knowledge of medicinal plants, and start building your own lists of plant-to-planet correspondences and astral materia medica.
archetypal pathology

Archetypal Pathology

Learn how the astrological archetypes can represent health or disease, strengths or weaknesses, excesses or deficiencies, and how the plants transform the archetypes into their most healthy forms and functions. See the connections and patterns between physical, psychological, and spiritual pathology.
Deciphering the Medical Chart

Reading the Medical Chart

You'll learn how to decipher the natal birth chart from a medical perspective. Get step-by-step tools to assess the constitution, organ systems excesses and deficiencies, predispositions for disease, and how to select the best remedies. You'll learn both natal chart interpretation and transit dynamics for acute onset and disease trigger points.

Evolutionary Medicine

Each sign and planet represents a particular stage of initiation on the road of life. By understanding how each archetypal force in astrology is a process of growth, you’re equipped with tools to navigate through your life and chart with clarity, and use herbs to facilitate in your soul’s evolution. By equally healing the body and soul, your practice of herbalism moves to a transformational level.

Astro-Herbalism is holistic in the truest sense of the word… You learn the wholeness of people and plants, and their relationship to the wholeness of the cosmos.

The Curriculum

Below is a detailed outline of the lessons within each module and an outline of the topics covered throughout each planet and sign lesson. For more detailed explanation of what you learn throughout each sign and planet, see the tiles above. 

For both herbalists and astrologers

If you’re into herbalism, but don’t know the first thing about astrology… no problem! You don’t need an astrological background to take this course. We’ll give you a solid foundation to integrate astrology in your work with plants.

Likewise, if you’re an astrologer and you don’t know anything about herbs… you’ll see how you already understand the core principles of herbalism through astrology and learn to apply it in a whole new way to bring healing into your practice. 

So if you’re new to astrology, herbalism, or both, fear not! This course will teach you everything you need to know. And if you’re advanced on either path, this program will provide new levels of insight and clarity that will refine and expand your practice to greater levels of efficacy, precision, and healing. 

“Astro-Herbalism provided me with a practical answer and real application for supporting the path towards the resolution of emotional blocks with evident physical implications in my clients.

By combining the physical and emotional levels of healing through astrology and herbalism, the healing process is greatly accelerated.”

– Clara Guarnieri, Italy





We’re here for you every step of the way. You’ll have all the help and support you may need throughout your journey from our team of experienced & knowledgable herbalists – on the phone, chat, email or through message in the student portal. 


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Astro-Herbalism is a completely searchable database. If you have a question or are looking for something specific, just search to find the exact lesson you’re looking for. You also get access to thousands of articles in our knowledge base.

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Once your tuition is paid in full you will have lifetime access to the course materials. There are no deadlines to finish the course or end-dates where you lose access. We believe if you pay for something you should get to keep it forever!


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Every lesson is in video format, but you can also download MP3 versions of the lectures and in-depth PDF notes, charts, and  handouts, making it easy to get your herbal studies in anywhere, especially through our exclusive student app.

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You can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to take your time and watch the videos over and over again. There’s no deadline to finish the course material – you can study as fast or slow as you like.

“I was never especially interested in astrology. I had an urge to know more but whatever I tried to read or listen was quite boring to me.

Astro-Herbalism weaved everything together in a way that has completely changed my perspective about herbalism and made everything so easy to understand. This teaching is like an answer to my prayers for finding a way to deeply understand herbalism and get another way of thinking!”

—Eleni Christoforatou, Corfu, Greece

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As you watch each lesson, your progress is tracked through the program so you know where you’re at, where you left off, and how much more you have to go.

After you’ve finished the entire program, you’ll receive your own personalized Certificate of Completion to show that you’ve finished Astro_Herbalism.

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Sajah Popham

Author of Evolutionary Herbalism: Science, Medicine & Spirituality from the Heart of Nature

Hey there! I'm Sajah, core instructor and founder here at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. You're probably wondering who I am and what my qualifications are.

I received a BS in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University 2008, which formed my foundation in herbalism: rooted in science but also central to my Earth-centered spirituality. From there I received clinical training through studying and shadowing some of the best herbalists.

For the past decade of teaching thousands of folks from around the world through our school, my goal has been to have a truly holistic approach to people and plants, one that honors the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of life. I strive to support people in transforming their lives, to not just be symptom free— but physically vital, mentally inspired, emotionally uplifted, and growing into their life purpose. The plants are at the root of this transformational healing, for that's what they have provided to me.

I hope to be able to share a little bit of the medicine I have gathered along my plant path with you.