Determining Interchangeable Species

Oftentimes with medicinal plants, there will be other species in a particular genus that can be used in the exact same way as the standardly accepted species that we typically use in herbal medicine.

How Herbalists Can Change With The Times I want to talk about the state of the world right now how everything seems to be turning upside down. Everything is changing very rapidly in terms of the picture

Herbs for the Emotional Heart During this week's evolutionary herbalism student Q&A session we had a great question about two remedies for addressing the heart in ways that we don't tend to think of when

Holistic Herbal Therapeutics and Influenza The other day I did one of our quarterly live Q&A sessions for all of the Evolutionary Herbalism students and someone asked a question about how we go about holistically

Legal Concerns of Practicing Herbalism

A major concern of folks on the path of becoming a practicing herbalist is that they'll get sued for practicing medicine without a license. Being an herbalist in the United