our Ethos

The guiding light of the work we do

The Core Pillars

of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Central to our approach to herbal medicine is to balance the science and spirit of people and plants, honoring everything from their chemistry to their esoteric virtues. 

Our eclectic model encompasses clinical Western herbalism, Ayurveda, modern pharmacology, medical astrology, and spagyric alchemy. This unique synergy is rooted in the perennial philosophy of nature that lies under many herbal traditions from around the world. 

Whether you’re looking for clinical training to assist others with their physical ailments, a deeper connection to the plants and their spiritual properties, or simply wanting to improve your own health and spiritual development, our courses are uniquely designed to support you on your personal plant path.

Pillar 1

natura sophia

Known as the wisdom of nature, Natura Sophia is the foundation of all of the work we do. Our bodies are intelligent, the plants are wise, and we as humans have the capacity to learn directly from the living intelligence of the natural world. Central to our approach to herbalism is to learn the plants directly from the plants themselves, to study the patterns, rhythms, and cycles within nature, and to have that be the root of our work with people and plants.

Pillar 2

energetic architecture

Energetic architecture represents the archetypal structure of nature revealed throughout various herbal and spiritual traditions across the world. Our distillation of that pattern is represented by the Three Philosophical Principles, the Five Elements, and the Seven Planets. These patterns reveal the connection between the physical, energetic, and spiritual properties of people and plants, along with their connection to the cosmos as a whole.

Pillar 3

universal herbalism

While all herbal traditions have their unique perspectives and practices, there is a core root they all have, rooted in Natura Sophia. This pillar shows the connections between herbal traditions and the universality of the application of holistic herbal medicine. Our approach focuses on universal principles such as constitutional systems, herbal energetics, physical and esoteric anatomy and physiology, the taste of herbs, organ system affinities, and the unique connection between the physical and spiritual properties of people and plants.

Pillar 4

Transformational Medicine

The fourth pillar is based on going beyond merely understanding people and plants holistically, but into the process of preparing and administering medicine holistically as well. This is the application of spagyric alchemy, which equally extracts and concentrates the chemical, energetic, and spiritual properties of plants. In order to heal the whole person, we need a medicine that encompasses the whole plant, with the ultimate goal being to guide the client through a transformational process of healing.

Pillar 5

Heal Thyself

This final pillar is rooted in the premise of healing yourself with plants as the foundation of your work as an herbalist. Ultimately, if you want to transform the life of a person with plants, you must allow the plants to transform your own life first. To heal thyself is to know thyself. Every person’s spiritual, emotional & physical development requires healing, so this final pillar is about your own learning and growth as a healer… because ultimately the healing that you offer the world is equivalent to the healing you’ve accomplished within yourself.

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This integrative approach balances the science and spirit of plant medicine, sharing a practice that equally heals disease and evolves consciousness for a new paradigm of herbalism.