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elemental herbalism

a course on the foundational principles of nature + holistic herbalism

Unlocking the foundations of holistic herbalism

The new paradigm of plant medicine needs holistic models beyond just knowing what plants are “good for” and what conditions someone has… 

We need models that integrate the physical, energetic, and spiritual properties of plants and encompass the human body, mind, and soul.

Our approach to herbal medicine should honor both traditional and modern knowledge.

And all across the world, there’s a single universal approach to understanding nature, people and plants holistically…

The Elements.

The Universal Approach

to learning herbs

Elemental Herbalism is an in-depth exploration of the foundational pattern used in herbal and medical traditions across the world. 

From Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Alchemy, to Astrology, Psychology, and Western Herbalism, the Elements are the most widely used system for understanding the wholeness of nature, medicinal plants, and people.

Through the Elements, you have a cohesive system of plant classification that encompasses their chemistry, medicinal actions, organ system influences, energetics, along with their psychological and spiritual properties.

You also have the fundamental pattern that connects a person’s physical body, constitution, organ systems, tissues states and disease patterns, with their psychology, emotional dynamics, and spiritual development.

What You Learn In

Elemental Herbalism

elements in nature

The Elements in Nature

Learn how the elements are at the basis of the natural world and how they influence the seasons, cycles and rhythms of the earth and cosmos.
the Elemental plant

The Elemental Plant

Know your herbs holistically by seeing how the elements are reflected within plant chemistry, medicinal actions, energetics, organ system affinities, tastes, and psycho-spiritual properties.
elemental materia medica

Elemental Materia Medica

Learn specific plants that embody certain elements through their qualities and characteristics so you can directly see the relationships for yourself.
Integrate herbal traditions

Integrate Herbal Traditions

Learn the elements through the perspective of herbal traditions from across the world and how they rest at the basis of a truly holistic practice of herbalism.

The Elemental Person

The Elemental Person

See how the elements are embodied within people through their physical constitution, psychological temperament, organ systems, disease predispositions, pathology, and spiritual development.
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Therapeutic application

Therapeutic Application

From therapeutics and formulation, to diagnostics and assessment, you’ll learn how to directly apply the elemental model in your work with plants and people.


In Elemental Herbalism, each module goes into depth on each Element and how they relate to nature, people and plants on the physical, energetic and spiritual levels. You’ll get the most holistic perspective on the universality of Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ether, and how you can use them in every part of your work as an herbalist. 

Below is an outline of the core curriculum that you will learn for each elemental force. 



17+ hours of

Audio Classes

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at Your Own Pace

You can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to take your time and watch the videos over and over again. There’s no deadline to finish the course material – you can study as fast or slow as you like.

Get the most solid foundation in holistic herbalism available...


elemental herbalism

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In addition to the entire program, you also get these bonuses

Bonus 1:

the doshas of ayurveda

1. The Doshas of Ayurveda

This 3 lecture series goes into depth on the fundamental pattern of Ayurvedic Medicine used for herbal classification and holistic assessment of people. Through vata, pitta, and kapha, you’ll learn how the elements are applied in the most ancient system of medicine in the world.

Bonus 2:

Vitalist Herbal Actions

2. Vitalist Herbal Actions

In Western Herbalism, actions are one of the primary ways we understand plants, and they are deeply connected to the elements. In these 2 lectures you’ll learn what herbal actions really are, how to understand and apply them holistically.

Bonus 3:

Alchemical theory of Health & disease

3. Alchemical Theory of Health & Disease

Alchemy offers unique perspectives and insights into why and how we get sick, and thus how we can heal. Learn about the 5 primary causes of disease and their unique connection to the 5 elements.

Bonus 4:

Therapeutic application of the elements

4. Therapeutic Application of the Elements

Learn how to apply the elements in your diagnostics and assessment of people, formulation and administration strategies, and how the elements can literally be the foundation of a holistic herbal practice.

Bonus 5:

The Elements in Alchemy & Astrology

5. The Elements in Alchemy & Astrology

Aside from herbalism, the Elements are at the foundation of both Alchemy and Astrology, two critical traditions integral to the Evolutionary Herbalism model. Here you’ll see how these two traditions can be integrated into your work with plants through their connection to the Elements.

Bonus 6:

6 extra modules of video classes

6. Extra Modules of Video Classes

On top of the Elemental Herbalism Audio Program, you’ll also get to watch videos from a live workshop at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism focusing on the practice of Elemental Herbalism!


Sajah Popham

Author of Evolutionary Herbalism: Science, Medicine & Spirituality from the Heart of Nature

Hey there! I'm Sajah, core instructor and founder here at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. You're probably wondering who I am and what my qualifications are.

I received a BS in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University 2008, which formed my foundation in herbalism: rooted in science but also central to my Earth-centered spirituality. From there I received clinical training through studying and shadowing some of the best herbalists.

For the past decade of teaching thousands of folks from around the world through our school, my goal has been to have a truly holistic approach to people and plants, one that honors the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of life. I strive to support people in transforming their lives, to not just be symptom free— but physically vital, mentally inspired, emotionally uplifted, and growing into their life purpose. The plants are at the root of this transformational healing, for that's what they have provided to me.

I hope to be able to share a little bit of the medicine I have gathered along my plant path with you.

Join the incredible community of herbalists gathering inside

elemental herbalism

$ 94 4 payments
  • List Item #3
$ 327 1 payment
  • List Item #3
best deal

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a certificate of completion when you finish the entire course. This certificate only shows the hours of study you’ve completed, it does not make you officially certified or licensed to practice herbalism (no such license to practice herbalism exists in the United States).

Elemental Herbalism has a total of 23.5 hours of course material (bonuses included).  

Because you have lifetime access to this program, you can move as fast or slow as you like. We’ve designed it this way because we know how busy life is and want you to be able to study at your own pace.

When you register, all the classes are taught through videos lessons, and come with the option to download audio mp3s and PDFs for further reference as you move through the content.

The Elemental Herbalism Audio Course is $327 when paid in full.

We offer a payment plan option which can be paid via credit/debit card.

– 4 monthly payments of $94

We currently do not take work traders or interns as we don’t have the infrastructure to manage and oversee helpers at this time.

Absolutely! A major feature of being a student is access to our exclusive Student Teahouse. Here you can setup your own personal profile, post to your activity feed, start a forum discussion, make connections with your fellow classmates, start a study group, and give updates on what you’re learning, struggling with, or need support with.

If you have questions, there are a number of ways to get it answered:

  1. The program is a fully searchable database, so you can find the lessons and specific locations within videos that answer your questions.
  2. You get access to our knowledge base, which has thousands of articles, questions and answered from the past 8 years of running our courses. You get access to the articles from all 6 Evolutionary Herbalism courses at no extra charge.
  3. If you can’t find your answer there, you can submit your question to be answered on one of Sajah’s Q&A videos that are published on a weekly-ish basis. You also get access to ALL past Q&A videos, which is literally hundreds of hours of additional content.

Even if you don’t know a lot about herbs and you consider yourself a beginner, this program lays a solid foundation in your herbal studies.

We’ve had students with zero background in herbalism who excelled in this program. Sajah breaks everything down in incredibly simple yet profound ways that are easy to grasp to get your foundation solid to grow from.

We do not currently offer any in-person classes, but we do offer quarterly Q&A webinar that are available for all Evolutionary Herbalism students. 

We’re working to get captions on our videos, but it’s a large project and we don’t have a date yet of when this feature will be available. This is a priority project as we want to make the course available to the hearing impaired community. However, there are currently PDFs for each lesson in the program that you can download for your reference. 

Absolutely! If you’re buying this program for a friend or family member, please send a message to [email protected] or give us a call at (833) 988-4433

Our goal here at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism is to make herbal education available to everyone. This is why we focus so much energy in publishing so much content for free on our podcast, blog, YouTube, and social channels, as well as offering these more in-depth training sessions and mini-courses.

Our scholarship program is for our larger courses, such as the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program and Alchemical Herbalism.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer scholarships for this particular program. 

If you have questions about our scholarship program, you’re welcome to reach out to our support team with any questions at [email protected]

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no strings attached! That will give you the option to go over the materials and see if the program is a good fit for you. No refunds can be given 30 days after the date of your enrollment. If you download any of the course material in the first 30 days, we cannot issue you a refund.

If for any reason you’re unable to continue with your payments after the 30-day refund window, we are able to suspend your payments and program access. When you’re ready to resume your payments, just let us know via email or phone and we will get you back into the program. 

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