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Frequently Asked Questions

Sajah Popham is the instructor for all of our courses. To read Sajah’s bio and learn more about his mission, experience and credentials, please see our about us page.

We are a 100% online learning community based out of the US. Sajah and Whitney are from Northwest Washington state which is where they live and work. Our team is made up of a small group of herbalists working remotely primarily throughout the US and Canada. You can learn more about us and our team here.

All of our programs are online. We no longer offer in-person classes for our programs. However, from time to time Sajah and Whitney teach in person and online through herbal conferences & events throughout the US. See our events page for updates on any upcoming in-person or online events & conferences we’re involved in.

We currently do not take work traders or interns as we don’t have the infrastructure to manage and oversee helpers at this time.

Our courses are 100% online and self paced so if you decide to enroll you can take the classes that work at a time that is best for you. Sajah hosts live quarterly Q&A webinars for students in all Evolutionary Herbalism programs which you can join live, but all of the main program content is pre-recorded and available once you register for the program.

Our programs are set up for beginners and advanced herbalists alike. We cover some of the important basics in the foundational modules of our courses to ensure beginners have a strong start to their herbal studies. At the same time we also focus on providing advanced herbal education to support our students in growing their understanding and experience of using herbs therapeutically. 

Our most beginner-friendly courses are: Materia Medica Monthly, Botanical Constellations and Elemental Herbalism.

Our Materia Medica Monthly subscription program is a great place to start to learn about herbs and has a never ending library of information. Botanical Constellations and Elemental Herbalism are smaller courses that give you an opportunity to delve into some of the unique aspects of herbalism we cover in our larger courses.

We’ve had many advanced herbalists, practitioners of all kinds and even naturopathic doctors take our programs and they have grown even further in their understanding & experience of herbalism. Though we do our best to make our programs accessible to beginners, we don’t offer superficial level herbal education – even our most basic programs go into a lot of depth and advanced herbalists still get a ton of new information from these programs. Our Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program in particular is our most advanced level course which is an in-depth training giving students the clinical skills they need to use herbs holistically and therapeutically. We also have practitioners and doctors enrolled in our Materia Medica Monthly subscription program who say this course is an invaluable resource they use as a reference in their clinical practice regularly.

One of the key distinctions of our courses is that we focus on giving you the foundational universal tools that will empower you to understand how herbs work wherever you are. Our courses aren’t about memorizing what specific herbs are “good for” –  they’re about teaching you to see the patterns in medicinal actions of herbs, which will enable you to apply this knowledge base to help you understand the herbs in your local area.

Most of the herbs referenced in our courses are commonly used in Western herbalism coming from our European lineage, but we also may refer to some Ayurvedic or Chinese herbs or some of the wild herbs we’ve worked with in our local bioregion in North America. Though you’ll learn about the herbs covered in our courses, you’ll still be able to apply the patterns for studying medicinal herbs in your own bioregion.

Our Materia Medica Monthly subscription program is one of our most popular courses and is available to sign up for at any point throughout the year. It is beginner friendly and yet also goes into enough depth that advanced herbalists get a great deal of value from it as well. Materia Medica Monthly is also our most accessible herbal program with a minimal time and financial commitment of only $27/month. We highly recommend starting with Materia Medica Monthly if you’re unsure which of our programs is right for you. It’s a great place to start and you can cancel your subscription at any time, so it’s not a big commitment to join.

Choosing from our other herbal programs depends on your specific interests and the depth you want to go in your herbal education. Some of our courses are more clinically focused (such as the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program) and others dive into more esoteric and spiritual traditions of herbalism, alchemy & medical astrology (in our programs Alchemical Herbalism, Astro-Herbalism and Botanical Constellations). Depending on your interests, that can narrow down which type of herbal course you’re more interested in. 

We have smaller courses, such as Materia Medica Monthly, Botanical Constellations and Elemental Herbalism or we have our large herbal programs that go into a great level of depth such as the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program and Alchemical Herbalism. For a detailed breakdown of our courses and the differences between them, see our programs page for more information. Our courses are only open for enrollment for specific time periods throughout the year, so they’re usually not open for enrollment at any time which may also be a determining factor for which course you want to sign up for.

Yes absolutely! We have students from all around the world living in all kinds of environments from the city to the country. Wherever you are, you’ll still get in-depth quality education on herbalism which can apply to your life wherever you live.

We do recommend finding ways to connect with plants however you can to integrate the learning into an experiential level rather than just having an intellectual understanding of the herbs. Some ways to do this are to find green spaces like parks or urban community gardens to spend time around growing plants, or even paying attention to which herbs are growing through the cracks in the sidewalk – you’d be surprised how many medicinal plants may actually be around you! You can also connect with herbs through taking tinctures, flower essences, teas or using herbal oils and baths to build an experiential relationship with the plants you’re learning about.

Currently Sajah only offers specialized training in making Spagyrics, a traditional method of preparing herbal medicines from the European Alchemical tradition which is covered in our Alchemical Herbalism Program. Sajah also covers formulation principles (for creating your own tincture blends)  in the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program and Materia Medica Monthly, along with a bit of harvesting information for specific herbs. 

While our courses don’t currently cover basic herbal medicine making modalities, such as making an infused oil, salve, tincture, poultice, etc. we are planning on offering this material in the future possibly as a new program or as an additional module to some of our existing courses.

We recommend the book, “The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook” by James Green to our students as a resource for learning medicine making techniques. This is a fabulous in-depth book that covers the  foundations in making many different types of herbal medicine.

Yes, all Evolutionary Herbalism students can submit a question directly to Sajah and he will answer in-depth via video. He then sends out a weekly Q&A video with student questions, so you can also learn from other student’s questions as well. We also have a fully searchable knowledgebase containing hundreds of previously asked questions that students have asked over the years which is accessible to you as a student to easily find answers to your questions.

Yes! We have live quarterly webinars where our students get together with Sajah to ask questions, get special classes outside of the courses and to also chat with other students. We also have a student community forum called the Tea House where you can create your own profile, join study groups with other students in your courses or in your local region and can chat & connect with other students. Our team is also active in the student Tea House chatting with students, answering questions and providing support.

We have an amazing team of herbalists who are here to support you throughout your entire journey in our programs. You can call us, chat live with us or email us with any questions you have. You can also submit a question to Sajah that he will answer in the live webinars or in the Q&A sessions he does where he focuses on answering students questions. We also have a fully searchable knowledgebase where you can find your answers in the course materials, or in previous Q&A’s Sajah has already recorded. This is an outstanding resource to find any specific information you’re looking for throughout our programs.

Since our courses are self paced and online study you can take as long as you like, there are no deadlines at all. Our general rule of thumb for our two largest programs, the Alchemical Herbalism and Vitalist Herbalism Practitioner Program is that if you were to watch 1-2 lessons a week it would take about a year. Similarly, with Astro Herbalism which has about half the content, you can expect 6-12 months. This is of course dependent on your study style, your schedule, and commitment. Some students like to watch the videos multiple times to make sure they’re fully comprehending the content.

Most of our programs have an annual enrollment period with a special tuition rate for that year, which is subject to change from year to year.

We have a few courses that are available to join at any time at this current tuition:

Materia Medica Monthly- $27 per month
Elemental Herbalism- $327

If you have any other questions about tuition please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

Yes, we offer scholarships at a discounted tuition for our Alchemical Herbalism and Vitalist Herbal Practitioner programs for students needing financial assistance. Scholarships for these programs are only offered once per year during our annual enrollment period for each program. During our annual enrollment period for those programs, you can apply for a scholarship by contacting our team at [email protected].

While we think it’s wonderful to have discussions with family and community members about the course content, we ask that you do not share your login information or program content with anyone else other than the person who has registered. We put a lot of time and effort into our programs and do our best to make them accessible with affordable payment plans. We can only give one certification per student that has signed up and paid for the program. We appreciate your understanding in respecting the hard work put into creating and offering our programs as well as the high level of student support we provide throughout them.

We are in the process of getting closed captioning in English for all of our programs, but considering how large many of our programs are, this process is taking us some time. All of the new issues of Materia Medica Monthly have closed captions in English and we’re working on getting past issues updated with closed captions as well.

We provide a certificate of completion for our courses (with the exception of Materia Medica Monthly), but currently there’s no homework or testing set up with any of these programs. We offer some optional assignments and learning integration practices in some of the programs to help you better understand the materials.

Yes, once you’ve paid for your tuition in full you will have lifetime access to the program content (with the exception of our Materia Medica Monthly program). Materia Medica Monthly is a monthly subscription program which is setup differently than our other courses and once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to the course materials.

You get lifetime access to the program and all of the content once payments are complete (with the exception of Materia Medica Monthly which is an ongoing subscription program). There are no deadlines or timeline to work through the program content, you can work entirely at your own pace.

Everything you need to take part in this program is all included in the materials that Sajah provides in the program itself and nothing else is required. You’ll receive PDF’s and MP3’s for you to download and video classes for you to watch online.  Once you’ve purchased the program in full, you have access to all its content for life so you’ll always have access to the course materials. There may be some additional books recommended that could be beneficial resources to supplement your studies, but they aren’t necessary for you to have a full comprehension of the course material.

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