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Our program ecosystem is designed to provide solid foundations for the beginning herbalist and new perspectives and tools for the advanced practitioner.

Whether you want to focus on mastering your materia medica, gather skills for treating clients, learn to craft true alchemical medicines, or learn the esoteric principles of plants, we’ve got you covered.

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materia medica monthly
The #1 thing every great herbalist does is consistently study and refine their knowledge of materia medica. This is our most accessiblel program, With new content added every month you get the support and training you need to level up your herbal skills.
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elemental herbalism
The elements are at the root of many herbal traditions from around the world. You’ll come to understand people and plants holistically through the lens of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether, forming a solid foundation for your herbal practice.
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Vitalist herbal practitioner program
This is our most in-depth, clinically oriented program. You’ll get a deep-dive into each organ system of the body, understanding its anatomy, physiology, energetics, spiritual attributes, pathological patterns, and of course, the key herbs and formulas for holistic treatment.
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alchemical herbalism
This comprehensive integration of the European alchemical tradition and modern clinical herbalism guides you step-by-step through how to harness the transformational healing power of plants. This unique methodology and approach balances the science and spirit of plant medicine in both the lab and the clinic. 
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Astro-Herbalism is the most comprehensive, in-depth integration of traditional medical astrology and clinical herbalism for a unique and effective approach to your herbal practice. You’ll learn how to see the connections between medicinal plants and the archetypes of astrology, and put it together with the natal chart to effectively help people.
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botanical constellations
Part astrology course, part herbal foundations and materia medica, Botanical Constellations is a revolutionary approach to herbalism, learning the physical, energetic and spiritual qualities of people and plants through the lens of the 12 core astrological archetypes.
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Clinical Herbalism + Esoteric Herbalism


Materia Medica Monthly is like your own personal herbal Netflix, with new content added every month.

Strategically designed to build your understanding and experience of medicinal plants, this course lays a solid foundation for the beginner and gives advanced herbalists critical new insights and perspectives on the remedies they rely on.

These are the most comprehensive monographs you’ll ever see, often averaging about 20 pages per monograph + 2 hours of video class on one herb. The goal of this course is to expand and refine your understanding of your materia medica in the most holistic way possible. 

“Hands down this is the best herbal resource I have encountered in all of my research and study. Sajah’s knowledge and breadth of perspective is unmatched in any of the teachers I’d been exposed to previously. The cost of Materia Medica Monthly is almost unbelievable for the amount of information that is made available. The resources here will continue to grow my herbal understanding and practice for many years to come.”

-Jennifer Knight, Horticulturalist & Community Herbalist

The Vitalist herbal

practitioner program


Clinical Herbalism


The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program is our most in-depth, clinically oriented program that covers the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of healing each organ system of the body with plants. 

From anatomy and physiology, advanced actions and energetics, to holistic intake and evaluation, formulation and setting up your practice, this course is strategically designed to give you a holistic understanding of people and plants.

The goal of this course is to give you everything you need to effectively begin to help people with the healing power of medicinal plants- whether in your family, community, or clinic. 



Foundational Herbalism


Elemental Herbalism is an in-depth exploration of the foundational pattern used in herbal and medical traditions across the world: The Elements.  

Through the Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether, you have a cohesive system of plant classification that encompasses their chemistry, medicinal actions, organ system influences, energetics, along with their psychological and spiritual properties.

You also have the fundamental pattern that connects a person’s physical body, constitution, organ systems, tissues states and disease patterns, with their psychology, emotional dynamics, and spiritual development.

The goal of this course is to provide a foundation of herbal medicine that encompasses the clinical and the esoteric for the beginner, and new insights for the experienced practitioner. 

botanical constellations


Medical Astrology & Clinical Herbalism


If you’re interested in the synergy of medical astrology and herbalism, this is the best place to start. A 12 month journey through the zodiac, Botanical Constellations covers each astrological archetype and how they relate to people and plants on the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels. 

Part foundational herbalism, part intro to astrology, this course is an excellent place to go deeper into uniting the above and below through plants and planets.

The goal of this program is the lay a solid foundation for both the practice of holistic herbalism and medical astrology, as well as showing the bridge between the clinical and esoteric application of plants. 



Medical Astrology & Clinical Herbalism


Astro-Herbalism is for those that want the deepest integration of medical astrology and clinical herbalism. This isn’t just a list of plant-planet correspondences, rather it’s a comprehensive interweaving of traditional medical astrology, medical alchemy, and modern clinical herbalism. 

This online course covers Ayurvedic and Greek constitutional theory, tissue state energetics, herbal actions, pharmacology, organ affinities, psychological/emotional temperaments, morphology and botany, as well as the spiritual virtues of plants with the planets and signs. 

This goal of this course is to integrate medical astrology into your practice of herbal medicine as another method of assessment, classification, and therapeutics to better support the clients in your community or clinic. 



Foundational, Clinical & Esoteric Herbalism


The European tradition of Alchemy forms the foundation of our spiritual-scientific integrative approach to herbal medicine. You’ll come to understand people and plants through the lens of the archetypal patterns of nature, such as the Elements, Philosophical Principles, and Planets.  

You’ll learn to apply your holistic understanding of the chemical, energetic, and spiritual qualities of plants with spagyric herbal pharmacy and people with alchemical theories of disease and therapeutics to heal the whole person. 

The goal of this course is to give students a comprehensive approach to herbalism that is equally clinical and esoteric in its application, geared towards helping people heal and evolve physically, psychologically and spiritually. 

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