Why You Should Stop Taking Everything for 6 Weeks!!

Okay okay, I know the title of this post seems really weird coming from an herbalist. But here me out on this one, because I think there’s some important stuff to consider here.

People are taking more vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbs than ever before, and I sometimes wonder as to whether this could be not as healthy as we imagine. I’ve had clients taking literally up to 15 different capsules of different isolated nutrients, co-factors, amino acids, minerals, supplements and other “phytopharmaceuticals” costing them over $200 a month!!

And a lot of the times they don’t know why they are taking it or what it is doing in their bodies.

To me, this isn’t good.

We want to have a relationship with the medicines we work. We want to have an understanding and awareness of what we put into our bodies, and why we are putting it into our bodies, so we can assess whether it is actually helping us in the ways we need.

It’s also important to allow our bodies time to readjust to certain health protocols. If we just jump from one thing to the next consistently over time, our physiology doesn’t have time to find its new baseline, making it sometimes difficult to assess where we are at in our lives as a whole. This is why I always encourage my clients and students to every now and then take a 6 week hiatus from any herbs, supplements, etc., and just eat a super wholesome simple diet to allow your body settle and find its physiological baseline.

Have you ever done this before? Ever get caught in a whirlwind of taking a lot of stuff, but not knowing what or why? Ever take a break and notice a major shift? I’d love to hear about it! Post your questions and comments below.

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