The Missing Piece of Your Herbal Equation

  There are two parts to studying herbalism: Understanding the body and understanding the herbs used to treat it. Unfortunately, one of these often gets forgotten, leading to a practice that

Your Body is Nature

  As a microcosm of nature, the human body contains the cosmos within it. By developing a deep understanding of the ways in which the patterns, rhythms, and cycles of nature

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Party of One? Herbs for Social Anxiety

  Overview Although everyone experiences social anxiety differently, the symptoms of discomfort are often the same; an increased sense of tension, nervousness, and distress when in social atmospheres.  Herbalism can be used before,

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Planting Seeds of Gratitude

Overview With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s a wonderful time to reflect and offer gratitude to the plant kingdom that nourishes, revitalizes, and sustains us.  In today's blog post, you’ll read about: The

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Herbal Remedies for the Irritable Mind

  Overview In herbalism, frequent irritability is an emotional state associated with the liver and an imbalance of excess heat.  By practicing inquiry, exercising healthy lifestyle habits, and taking herbs that cool, restore,

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Where to Begin with Making Spagyrics

Overview When you’re studying alchemical herbalism, the first step towards making spagyric medicine is with making what is called “the seven basics.”’ This process is achieved by developing a profound relationship with

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