Introducing our newest mini-course: THE HERBAL MONOGRAPH MAP

This free workshop series takes you step-by-step on how to effectively study plants from the ground up with the most in-depth monograph template so you can intimately know your herbs and how to use them holistically.


Elecampane: The Deep Breather

   Elecampane has become one of my personal favorite respiratory remedies over the years, not just for its medicinal benefits for many of the common respiratory woes people face today, but

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Hyssop: A Biblical Remedy

  Hyssop is an ancient herb that is an important part of the Western Materia Medica. This combination of information from ancient sources and the modern scientific model lends a unique

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Medicine of the Evergreens

  Evergreen trees are revered around the world for their medicinal properties, rich folklore, and uplifting symbolism. Although you might be familiar with these trees from your walks through the forest

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Mugwort: The Herb of Dreams

     Mugwort is a plant famed for its effects on dreaming, but its medicinal properties and actions do so much more than that. With a distinct effect on the nervous, digestive,

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