Spagyric Pharmacy for the Practitioner of Botanical Medicine

Many modern practitioners of herbal medicine have a calling to heal not on the body with plants, but also the more subtle levels of the mind, emotions and spirit. While many reach for flower essences to work on this vibrational level of the human, this form of preparation is lacking in the physiological attributes of the plants through their chemistry.

Spagyrics is a form of herbal pharmacy with its roots in the alchemical tradition of the west that provides a truly holistic form of herbal extract- one that concentrates the physiological, energetic and spiritual properties of the plants. Through the synergy of alchemy and clinical herbalism, we have the ability to bring about a transformational level of healing for our clients.

This lecture from the 2017 International Herbal Symposium outlines some of the key principles of alchemy and how to incorporate specific spagyric methods in your home medicine making practices- specifically how to work with the mineral salts of plants.

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Alchemical Herb Profile: Red Root (Ceanothus cuneatus)

Red Root, or commonly called “Buckbrush” around here – is a wild shrubby plant that flourishes all around the hills where we live. Though this variety of Ceanothus is poky, dense, and hardy – not the most welcoming looking plant around – it exudes the most sweet, heavenly fragrance throughout the forest while its fluffy creamy clouds of flowers are blooming in the spring.

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