Eating for Your Constitution

        As Ayurveda has become popular, interest in eating according to your constitutional type has grown. Over the last few years we've seen this dynamic of eating and tailoring your diet

Truly Ethical Wildcrafting: Creating Reciprocity & Relationship with Wild Plants & Places

On this week’s episode of The Plant Path, Whitney is joined by herbalist Rosalee de la Forêt. They have a discussion around wildcrafting practices; how to build relationships with the plants that grow around you by learning how to honorably harvest, tend, and care for land in your bioregion; how to work with the wild plants around you for food, medicine, and healing; and much more.

The Role of Alcohol in Herbalism As herbalists, we tend to rely pretty heavily on alcohol as one of our main ways for extracting and preserving the medicinal properties of plants. Herbal tinctures are one of

The Benefits and Dangers of Bitters

Bitter herbs have been gaining a lot of popularity over the years within herbalism, and they're sometimes seen as a magical cure, especially for the digestive system. Some people say

Allergies and Asthma In this week's post, I wanted to share with you some of the overarching categories of herbal actions and energetics and properties that are used to treat upper respiratory allergies

Intention, Alchemy, and Medicine Making When we're thinking about herbal medicine making, some of the topics that generally come up amongst herbalists are linear in their approach to how we prepare herbal medicine. What part

Developing Your Herbal Competence and Confidence Today I want to talk about some critical turning points that all of us face when we're walking the plant path: developing competence and confidence as an herbalist. If there's

The Herbal Equation: Plants AND People I know how it goes when you first start studying herbalism, you get SO excited about learning about all of these beautiful amazing plants. I mean after all, isn’t that what

The Human Body: Machine or Ecosystem? Lately, I've been talking a lot about this concept of vitalism and how vitalism is one of the more traditional models and approaches to not just practicing herbal medicine but