The Herbalism Movement

The other day I was working on my first natural building project. Rather than using fiberglass insulation and drywall to build our new bathroom out on the land, I decided to a less conventional approach and use a natural building technique called “light straw.” This involves using a mix of straw, clay and water that is packed into the walls providing great insulation, solidity and sturdiness, and everything coming straight from the Earth.

And it made me start thinking about the bigger picture of herbalism…. of how herbal medicine isn’t just using plants to “fix what’s broken” in our bodies. Rather, herbalism is a small thread in a much greater tapestry of a modern movement towards living on this Earth in a harmonious way. Other threads in that tapestry include permaculture and biodynamics, beekeeping, Earth based spirituality, natural building, and a whole lot more.

All of these things are geared towards learning how to live a holistic lifestyle, and herbal medicine is but one part of that. This is imperative, for it is from living our lives without considering the impacts upon the Earth that has gotten the human species and the planet as a whole in the dire situation it is currently in. So let’s all work together and bring about the positive change we wish to see on this Earth!!

Out at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism we are striving to create a living example of how human beings can live in accordance with the principles and intelligence of nature. Our new building project is but one of many more to come.

What are some ways you strive to live holistically? What is one thing that you can do in your daily life to lessen your impact upon the Earth? If there was one thing you could teach the future generations about how to live on this Earth in a good way, what would it be? Post below- I look forward to learning from you!


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