Evolutionary Herbalism: The Book

While I’ve been writing this week, I thought you might be interested to hear about the things I’m studying and sharing in the current chapters I’m working on. So I decided to bring you along on the journey with me as I’m creating this book. Here’s the first video in the series that I’ll be sharing throughout the next 5 months of writing the book: Evolutionary Herbalism. Also, here’s a little excerpt from Chapter 4: Conscious Dreaming in the Forest:

“Entering into the vast and untamed ecosystems of the Earth with a true way of seeing is the only way in which we have the capacity to come into a direct place of communication and communion with the Light of Nature, with the expansive spectrum of intelligence within the botanical kingdom. To cultivate a practice of herbal medicine that will facilitate in the evolution and healing of the soul, the spirit, and the body of the people, requires that we ourselves open each layer of the self to be transformed by the touch of the green ones.

For the medicine we carry within us goes only as deep and far as we have ourselves received.

As we learn to return to our senses, as we find our way down from the entangled web of conditioned patterns within our intellect that disconnects us from the consciousness of nature, as remember how to open our hearts again, we rediscover an essential way of perceiving the world that was once common practice. To truly understand the holistic nature of herbal medicine, it is imperative that we cultivate the capacity to perceive holistically, to see patterns of wholeness within the natural world, as well as within ourselves and the people knocking on our door asking,

“can you help me?”

And while they are indeed asking for your help, there is a deeper part of them that is being called back to the Earth, some ancient element of the self that is trying to remember its place in the natural order of things, that is trying to heal itself beyond the symptoms in the body. Indeed, the herbalist is a healer, but it is the plants themselves that do the real doctoring. It is our duty to merely be a vessel through which they work through, an instrument for their healing to operate upon the sick and wounded. We have to get out of their way, to understand their true nature, their unique language, and to till the soil of our souls and spirits so they can grow inside of us, to become a part of who we are, to allow them to photosynthesize the Light of Nature within our hearts and minds.”

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