Medical Astrology for the Practitioner of Botanical Medicine

Recently Whitney and I were super blessed to have the opportunity to head out to the east coast and participate in the 2017 International Herb Symposium. We’ve been to A LOT of herb conferences, and this one is hands down one of our favorites.

I mean how amazing is it to stand in a room surrounded by all the people whose names are on every shelf in my library!?

While there, I taught 2 workshops and an intensive and lucky for you- I recorded them so I can hook you up!

Friday morning I taught a 4 hour intensive on Medical Astrology for the Practitioner of Botanical Medicine, laying out some of the fundamental principles of astrology and how you can incorporate it into your work with plant medicines. In this lecture I taught everything from how to determine planetary correspondences in plants, astral anatomy and physiology, how to incorporate astrological tools in your harvesting and medicine preparation, to holistic evaluation and diagnostics- and a whole lot more! Stream the audio below or subscribe to our podcast to download it!



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