The 5 Keys for Using Herbs Holistically

In the modern world of herbalism, strongly influenced by information from Google and the phytopharmaceutical and supplement industries, there is an increasing lack of traditional knowledge in the common mindset and usage of plant medicines. This had led to an allopathic approach to herbalism and “holistic amnesia,” where we treat plants like drugs and not sentient beings. 

Ultimately, plants cannot be used like drugs and if they are approached and such they will not work!

This lecture from the 2017 International Herb Symposium outlines 5 keys for how to understand and use herbs in a truly holistic fashion. This isn’t focused on what herbs are “good for,” but rather who they are as intelligent forces of nature. By learning these 5 keys, everything about a plant is understood within a holistic context so you learn each remedy with more depth and precision. 

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Evolutionary Herbal Profile: Oregon Grape

This is one of the great remedies for the solar plexus- on a physical level through it’s impact on digestion and the liver, but also energetically as it operates upon the Manipura, or 3rd chakra. It’s one of my major remedies that I use a lot- for so many people can benefit from the use of a good bitter plant like Oregon Grape- only if it is constitutionally suited for you though! Typically people will get too cold from taking a remedy like this for too long if it doesn’t work for their constitution.

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