As an herbalist, you love working with plants on many levels. You might be a wildcrafter, or a gardener. You might just love making herbal medicine. You probably help your friends, family, clients and community with their health through herbs. And chances are, you actually do all of the above, right?

But you probably didn’t know that you can use astrology to take your work with herbs to a whole other level.

Astrology actually influences all of these areas of herbalism! It’s like what the alchemists of old talked about, “as above, so below.” You can even see it plainly in the words “plant” and “planet” – they’re pretty darn close!

The planets are intricately connected to our lives here on Earth. They influence our minds, emotions, and even our physical bodies. And the plants are exceptional mirrors for this connection.

In this video, you’ll learn how you can use astrology to enhance your herbal gardening practices. You’ll learn how this ancient science can potentize the effects of your herbal medicine. And you’ll learn about how you can use astrology in your clinical practice of herbalism too!