In the world of alchemy, there tends to be a lot of focus on the specific processes of preparation: distillation, fermentation, calcination, dissolution, etc. and making sure they are done correctly, as well as timing the preparations in accordance with the astrological and planetary influences. But what can be easily overlooked is the importance of the prayer behind the work itself. That prior to harvesting any plant, offerings and prayers are made with honor, respect, and reverence. That as each bottle is poured and prayer is poured as well that the plant might reach the right people and heal them in each and every way that they need.

We believe that it’s vitally important that all of our medicines are prepared in accordance with alchemical and astrological principles, but that we as the operators are approaching the plants and processes with a pure heart and mind so that the vital spirit of the plant and the Source can be present in the medicine- without our thoughts and emotions getting in the way of that!

How do you like to pray with your plants? Do you make offerings prior to harvesting? Is there any particular prayer practice you have with plants?

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