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Sajah Popham

B.S. Herbal Sciences, Founder & Core Instructor

Sajah Popham is the author of Evolutionary Herbalism and the founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, where he trains herbalists in a holistic system of plant medicine that encompasses clinical Western herbalism, medical astrology, Ayurveda, and spagyric alchemy.

His mission is to develop a comprehensive approach that balances the science and spirituality of plant medicine, focusing on using plants to heal and rejuvenate the body, clarify the mind, open the heart, and support the development of the soul. This is only achieved through understanding and working with the chemical, energetic, and spiritual properties of the plants. His teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines and ourselves.

He lives on a homestead in the foothills of Mt. Baker Washington with his wife Whitney where he teaches, consults clients, and prepares spagyric herbal medicines. 

"Sajah has an eloquent and beautifully simplified approach in articulating his knowledge of the the plants, the elements, and our bodies. I am deeply grateful for his teachings in my life and they continue to inspire me as I walk this path of communion with nature."

-Coco Kimmet, British Colombia - student of the Immersion Program

"What Sajah offers is beautiful and truly unique. He's explored the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients and found a voice in which to convey these truths to our Western trained minds. The information he presents is relatable and tangible. I can truthfully say that Sajah's classroom space is unlike any I have ever experienced and would enthusiastically encourage peoples from all walks of life to pursue studies with him. It may just open up your heart and your mind to a world of possibility you never knew was within you!"

-Jamuna Galay, British Colombia - student of the Immersion Program

"Sajah's course was transformative for me. Working with the plants was inspiring and healing, but it was Sajah's particular way of seeing the world and presenting the information that made this school truly powerful. I came away from it with a new experience of myself and a totally different understanding of our natural unity."

-Mike Goldstein, Seattle WA - student of Botanical Constellations & the Immersion Program

Whitney Popham

Co-Founder & Instructor

Whitney Popham is an herbal practitioner and the co-founder of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism and Natura Sophia Spagyrics. Her calling to plant medicine began from a deep passion for activism and a vision for creating healing and positive change in the world. She has devoted her life to that vision by being a humble vessel for the plants to touch people's lives and bring more healing and beauty into the world.

Through her own health challenges and struggles, she experienced the profound healing gifts of plant medicines and then committed her life to helping others reach vibrant levels of health. She specializes in digestive health in her clinical practice through working with herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Her true gift is in listening to the plants through intuition and vision, which she uses to help her clients with healing on the emotional, psychological, spiritual, as well as physical levels of health.

She comes from a tiny island off the coast of NW Washington, but now homesteads and works with her husband Sajah on their beautiful land in the hills of Southern Oregon. Her beehives hold a special place in her heart, she swoons at the sight of the first blossoms in spring and she feels most at home when she's near the ocean.

“My life has changed ten-fold. I have experienced a complete paradigm shift. Before this class, my heart was closed off to the magical world of the forest - the spirits. Now, I embrace it fully. I can’t thank you enough Sajah & Whitney.”

-Julia Bentley - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - student of the Immersion Program & the Advanced Clinical Herbalism Program

"I really am impressed with your depth of knowledge and feel like after studying herbalism for over 25 years, I am still learning tons from you. Keep up your amazing work!"

-Julie Rothman, student of Materia Medica Monthly

"For so long now I was feeling like I was just jumping from study to study and not getting far enough to feel like there was a purpose. But through Evolutionary Herbalism, I feel all the threads of my life and life study being woven together into something deeply meaningful and powerfully healing. THANK YOU. You both are doing incredibly important work and creating something not only deeply beautiful but so much what our battered world needs."

-Kathryn Foubister - student of Materia Medica Monthly


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