The synergy of astrology and herbalism provides a truly holistic framework that unites the physiology, psychology and soul of the person, with the physical, energetic and spiritual properties of plants. The result of this synergy gives us as herbalists the ability to attend to every layer of the human organism through the power of the holistic plant- especially when the plants are prepared according to the tradition of Alchemy.

Each planetary force represents a spectrum of potential energy, a particular aspect of the psyche, and specific evolutionary pathways for the soul. We all have every planet within us, though some we are more “comfortable” with and express in a healthy and harmonious way- others we may express more of their “dark side,” or less evolved qualities. These unintegrated planetary forces can manifest physically in the body, psychologically and emotionally, and show us the specific areas of the life where we need deeper levels of healing and transformation.

The work of the Evolutionary Herbalist is to understand these patterns of the macrocosm within the microcosm of people and plants, and to support in the transformation of each celestial principle within the person in order to establish harmony within their inner astral body, and thus coherence with the macrocosm- or nature and cosmos.