In part 1 of this 2 part lecture, I discuss some of the primary correspondences between the 4 Elements of Nature and the human body. The Elements are the foundational model of energetic architecture within the context of Evolutionary Herbalism. They help us understand the deeper order or blueprint of nature and how we as human beings are a microcosmic embodiment of it.

By understanding patterns of relationship between the Elements and our anatomy and physiology we have a deeper connection to the meaning behind our organ systems and tissues, as well as their possible connections to the psychological and emotional components behind disease. In this way through the Elements you are able to perceive the deeper meaning behind disease, symptoms, and the struggles we face as humans, as well as knowing how they relate to other aspects of the self. This gives you a truly holistic anchor for your practice of herbal medicine.

Be sure to tune into Part 2 of this class!!