Plant Allies for the Toughest Times

It’s when you get challenged that you find your real strength. It’s when your foundation is shaky that you find your backbone and what really keeps you afloat. These times ahead are going to be testing all of us – they already are. This week has been huge in many ways – frightening at the new president’s agenda – and yet incredibly hopeful at seeing the movement of millions rising together for human rights, for the earth, for justice, equality and dignity, for a bright future.

In my own life, I’ve found the plants to be phenomenal allies in helping me to embody the best qualities of myself. Each plant has its own medicine it carries, its own teachings and virtues that are completely unique to that plant. When you work with a plant, it not only can heal whatever wounds have been clouding your capacity to be your best self – that plant can also provide the lessons and guidance to show you how to carry those deepest gifts in the world.

When you go that deep with that plant, it now lives inside of you and its medicine is forever with you. It has drawn out and amplified the latent reservoirs of medicine that you carry within you so that you are a more full and beautiful expression of who you really are.

In this video, I share a few of my closest plant allies that have helped me overcome times of immense challenge, hopelessness, heart-brokenness, and doubt. I’m sharing this with you today because I know how beneficial and supportive these plant allies will be for the days when you want to give up.

You’ll learn about two herbs that can help you to stay centered, grounded and calm in times of worry or chaos. These plants will help you dig into your strength and tap back into the power of your purpose. They’ll protect you and guide you along the path of being a healer in this world. They’ll show you how to step up with courage as a warrior who stands for all that is precious, pure and sacred within this world.

What are the plants you reach to when you get challenged? Tell us in the comments below!

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