The Key to Herbal Energetics and Constitutional Systems

One of the key distinguishing characteristics of the practice of true holistic herbalism is the understanding of herbal energetics juxtaposed with the human constitution. These 2 areas of study are the crux of traditional systems of herbalism and natural medicine, and are likely the most overlooked aspects of people and plants in modern medicine- both pharmaceutical and herbal.

In this lecture from the 2016 Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, you will learn the key that unlocks all systems of herbal energetics and constitutional models- revealing to you the underlying pattern behind all of them. This key enables you to see the universality of these seemingly different systems and how you can integrate them into a cohesive model of how to use herbs effectively, holistically, and get out of an allopathic way of using plants.


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Alchemical Herb Profile: Elderberry (Sambucus cerulea)

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