Most people merely think of Corn as strictly a food plant, but often fail to realize that there is a medicinal component of it as well! So when you shuck your Corn, don't forget to save the long threads on the inside of the husk- what we call Corn Silk.

It has a pretty simple and straightforward medicinal property- it is a highly useful diuretic remedy used as a flushing treatment for the kidneys and urinary tract. While there are quite a number of plants that do just that though, it is helpful to differentiate our diuretic materia medica- that way you know which one is specifically applicable to the situation at hand.

Corn Silk is specifically a soothing, cooling and moistening demulcent diuretic- a highly useful property hot, dry, tense, burning, and irritable urinary tract infections. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use this remedy holistically, as well as how you can formulate with it with other herbs to amplify or balance it's medicinal properties.