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I'mĀ truly honoredĀ that you got a copy of my book. Thank you so much!! I can't wait for you to start reading it.

Evolutionary Herbalism was literally over 7 years in the making and the fruit of over 10 years of research and practice. I did my best to write a book that isn't like anything else out there.

There are many layers to this book... each time you read it you'll discover hidden meanings and messages scattered throughout the text. It's kind of like a puzzle, so I hope you have fun putting all the pieces together.

I hope it will find a good place on your bookshelf once it's a wee bit tattered & worn-in from all the hours you've spent immersed in its pages.

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I truly hope you enjoy Evolutionary Herbalism, along with your 5-week course, the missing chapters, and your companion guide. My goal with these bonuses is to give you additional training, resources and insights that will help you integrate and implement what you learn in the book.

Blessings to your plant path, may the wisdom of the herbs forever be with you.

- Sajah