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Astro-Herbalism is the ultimate system of preventative medicine.
Rather than treating symptoms,  prevent disease from ever taking root.

Reclaim a lost art of herbal medicine that unites the chemical, energetic & spiritual virtues of people and plants

Medical astrology was once central to the practice of holistic herbalism… And not in a woo-woo sense of foretelling your future or esoteric plant properties.

From deciphering the roots of disease to learning the medicinal virtues of plants and strategically crafting formulas, medical astrology was used with plants to heal others with great precision and accuracy.

The Astro-Herbalism Mini-Course is the most in-depth introduction to this ancient (and somewhat lost and definitely misunderstood) art of healing with medicinal plants.

Here's what you'll learn:​


Lesson 1:

Bridging astrology & herbalism

Medical Astrology with clinical herbalism... why bother?

Did you know the core backbone of medical astrology and traditional herbalism are actually the same? Learn the dotted lines between the two and how integrating medical astrology makes you a better herbalist on every level: from clinical work to harvesting to pharmacy.
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Lesson 2:

Plants, Planets, & People

Understanding the whole plant and the whole person

The triangle between plants, planets, and people is the core of integrating medical astrology and herbalism. Here you'll learn how the fundamental principles of herbalism— like actions, energetics, organ systems, and constitutions— relate to the planets.
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Lesson 3:

Unlocking the Birth Chart

Client assessment and getting to the roots of disease

Half of the challenge of being an herbalist is figuring out what's going on with someone. Learn to use the natal chart as a sophisticated map of a client's constitution, health and disease predispositions, organ system energetics, and even what herbs will be best for them.
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Sajah Popham

Author of Evolutionary Herbalism: Science, Medicine & Spirituality from the Heart of Nature

Hey there! I'm Sajah, core instructor and founder here at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. You're probably wondering who I am and what my qualifications are.

I received a BS in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University 2008, which formed my foundation in herbalism: rooted in science but also central to my Earth-centered spirituality. From there I received clinical training through studying and shadowing some of the best herbalists.

For the past decade of teaching thousands of folks from around the world through our school, my goal has been to have a truly holistic approach to people and plants, one that honors the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of life. I strive to support people in transforming their lives, to not just be symptom free— but physically vital, mentally inspired, emotionally uplifted, and growing into their life purpose. The plants are at the root of this transformational healing, for that's what they have provided to me.

I hope to be able to share a little bit of the medicine I have gathered along my plant path with you.

'These videos are outstanding!!

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom so abundantly with us--it's truly inspiring.'

- Brooke Lancaster


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