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Lesson One:

demystifying alchemy

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Alchemy Demystified

Most people hear "alchemy" and think of turning lead into gold, or as a catch-all term for transformation. This article breaks down what the actual traditional lineage of alchemy.

The Synergy of Alchemy and Herbalism

This article reveals the primary ways alchemy influences your practice of herbalism, from harvesting and preparations, to working with people and plant classification.

Reflections on Your Plant Path

Sometimes we need to gather clarity on where we've been and where we are on now on our plant path in order to move forward and progress in a good way. This worksheet helps you reflect on your journey in herbal medicine to help you know what your next steps look like.

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Alchemy Demystified

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Reflections on Your Plant Path

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Part 1: Demystifying Alchemy

Part 1: Demystifying Alchemy

Part 2: The Art of Spagyrics

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Part 3: The Alchemical Herbalism Blueprint

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