Our Vision

the purpose at the heart of what we do



This school is about much more than you or me. It's bigger than just herbal medicine and it's driven by more than a deep love and passion for the plants.

This is about healing the planet. It's about mending our relationship and connection to this precious Earth we live on. It's about finding a way of living that's congruent with the rhythms and movements of nature, of life. Not just for us, but for the ones we love and the ones yet to come.

And yes, healing is at the core of all of this. The pains, wounds, and sicknesses we carry are a reflection of what our planet is going through right now. They tell us of the work that must be done at this time - the healing that is needed more than ever.

Within you is a seed - a beginning and an answer. Within you is a wound and within you is a healer. Your power and the great medicine you carry is living within those places that healing has touched. It's in that miracle the healing you witness and experience that your gifts will surface and soar out to heal this world.

The green ones, the ancient healers who are our plant allies are the ones who can open that door for us. They are the ones who can show us the wonder of mending wounds and teach us how to do this for each other and for this planet.



We created this school because we saw that something very essential was missing from the way herbalism is taught today. There are many different places to study the many different facets of herbal medicine, yet no one is giving voice to the core truths that connect them all.

Through traveling the world and studying the incredible healing traditions found throughout many cultures, we began to see the golden thread that was woven throughout each one. We saw that there's a key to unlocking the profound meaning held within each tradition and practice of herbal medicine. A key that gives you the ability to understand healing to whole new depths. A key that will change how you see the world around you, that will change how you live on this Earth.

Instead of getting stuck in the rut of learning by memorization, where you're just trying to cram as much information into your brain as possible. Instead of skimming the internet and grasping at wisps and pieces from all over. Instead of studying from one school to the next with all kinds of knowledge, yet no way to see how it all relates - you can get the whole picture. You can truly grasp the depth and meaning of all your years of searching and studying through the larger vision we have to share with you.

We have formed a system of revealing the core cosmology of nature that draws from the traditions of Alchemy, Ayurveda, Astrology and Western Herbalism. The core elements of this system can be applied to any healing modality and can be used to understand any other healing tradition to greater depths.

These skills can be understood by anyone with any background and can be taken into any context of life because they come from the very pattern of Creation. They can imbue your clinical practice with new levels of precision, power, and meaning. They can help you to learn about the medicinal and spiritual properties of any plant. These tools are ancient and have held true throughout the test of time and yet have absolute relevance to where we're at today and where we're going tomorrow.

This is what we call universal medicine - the toolkit of the Evolutionary Herbalist.



Over thousands of years of establishing relationship with the elements, the plants, the stars, with all of nature - there are profound things the old ones understood about life and about how healing works. Through deep communion and acute perception of the natural world around them, the ancients discovered and developed sophisticated and powerful systems of medicine.

Reverently carried from generation to generation, this ancient technology has prevailed and evolved with each hand it has passed through. Through the ages all the way until today, these old methods have proven that they work - otherwise they wouldn't have survived.

This knowledge is so powerful that somehow it survived thousand and thousands of years. It migrated throughout the world surfacing as new traditions under a new name. This healing knowledge was so precious that it was taken underground by devoted healers who gave their lives to protect this wisdom in times of oppression. And yet right now we are still in a critical time where we need to keep these beautiful traditions close to us to keep them alive.

All around the world, traditional ways of healing are being lost. With the industrialization of modern medicine, many of the old methods are being left behind and forgotten. From what our teachers have shared with us, many of the younger generation aren't interested in learning the ways of their own traditional culture and medicine since the Western way of life is much more attractive, appealing and easy looking.

We are blessed and honored to have been taken in by those who have picked up the torch and have committed to continuing the traditional ways of healing. From Nepal to North America, we have been studying different lineages of medicine from the elders and teachers who have crossed our paths. Though we come from different places, we have found home in same heartbeat that these healing traditions share.

Though there are a million fancy ways of doing things these days, we seek to honor the old ways, the slow way of doing things. We're trying our best to hold true to what gifts have been shared with us - to keep what we've been given intact so that these ways may stay strong for the ones yet to come.

At a time when many of us feel lost and uprooted from our ancestry and origins, we've found that there is a healing in of itself to turn to ways of living that bring us closer to the Earth. Turning to traditional models of herbal medicine is one way to draw upon the strength and wisdom of our ancestors who lived so closely to nature that their lives depended upon it. We can turn to the wisdom that was planted by our ancestors, that was tended by the medicine people of the past to become the canopy of healing tradition we walk beneath today.

And so here we are, picking up the fruits of the seeds which were sown long ago by the wise ones who came before us. We're gathering the harvest of thousands of years of discovery & understanding of medicine and we're replanting these jewels of wisdom so that they may continue to grow onward into the future.



We're not doing this for us. And we're doing it for more than just you alone - we're doing this for our future generations.

An elder in my family once told me that we are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors - all of their lifetimes of prayers and hard work, of holding a vision of beauty & abundance for their descendants - which we now are a culmination of. And right now we are creating that foundation for our great grandchildren who will someday stand upon our shoulders.

But something is amiss. Looking around at the world right now, it doesn't seem like many people are thinking about the legacy they are leaving to their future generations. The waning health of the planet and its people is an alarming wake up call that beckons us to make changes, to take action and begin the process of mending ourselves, our families and our Earth so that our great grandchildren may have a future and a good life.

To change the world, we first need healing. And the kind of healing we need stretches far beyond our bodies, but into our minds, hearts, souls, and lineages. We need the kind of healing that will return us to a close relationship with the elements, with nature, with the very land we live upon.

Fortunately, everything we need to do that reparation work is right here - growing beneath our feet.

The medicine we need isn't highly technical - it's not made in a lab, nor does it cost a ton of money. It's sprouting out of the earth, flowering from green leafy stalks and oozing from the trunks of trees. It doesn't pull us into further separation from the world around us, it doesn't create more health problems for us or the environment. The medicine we need is simple, ageless, beautiful and imbued with the spark of vitality and intelligence which weaves us closer into relationship with the world we live in. That is the medicine we seek to bring you - the healing power of plant medicine.

We believe this budding renaissance of herbalism will be a catalyst of great healing upon the planet at this time when it is needed the most. For who else can teach us how to live in harmony and beauty on this planet than the ones who have lived here longer than us humans? Who better to look to for a true understanding of healing on a personal and planetary level than the medicine plants themselves?

Through turning to our botanical elders and the wisdom carried through the ages from our ancestors, we are well equipped with the skills and salves needed to mend the wounds in our hearts, minds, bodies, our families, our culture and our planet.

Through becoming wisdom carries of plant medicine, we are reclaiming an ancient connection to the Earth, we are empowering ourselves, and we are sowing the seeds of a bright and hopeful future.


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