Words of Praise

here's what our past students have to say

In our work, as in all aspects of our life, we care deeply about the people we serve. Through tending the seeds of relationship, we have cultivated a beautiful community of astounding people from all walks of life across all corners of this earth. Many of our students become good friends and allies, people we admire and learn from, whose paths we continue to cross throughout the years.

From the Virgin Islands to Vermont, Alberta to Ashland, Colorado to California and all throughout Cascadia, our live workshops are filled with fascinating people who come from distances near and far to study with us. Our distance learning courses have far reaching impact internationally, touching and changing the lives of our students throughout Europe, Australia, South Africa, and North America - growing out further every day to inspire and elevate thousands.

It is of the utmost importance to us that our students are beyond satisfied with the education and experience they receive at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Through offering exceptional content that can't be found anywhere else in this cohesive format - and through delivering our message, purpose and passion from the heart - we are blessed to have a lot of happy students and clients. We are humbled and deeply honored to share our gifts with the world, to see the positive impact in peoples lives and to see the beauty that is taking root through following our calling.


“Honestly, this school has been epic. I am excited to see how these teachings play out and permeate all aspects of my life. These teachings have been a huge missing link for me in both herbalism and my spiritual life. It’s really deepened what I thought was possible with the medicines offered by the plant kingdom.”

-Jacquie Day - Victoria, British Colombia, Canada


"I feel really blessed to have been part of this program. Sajah's unique approach to teaching marries the science and spirit of herbalism is a way that is both very grounded as well as being full of heart and inspiration. His sincerity as a healer and his real desire to empower and uplift his students made this program a really wonderful journey."

Sonja Myllymaki - Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada

I want to thank you. I'm in your immersion program and it has changed my life. After every lecture I feel more like myself. It's like a connection to something bigger. Since the moment I started all kinds of things have happened in my life. It awakened me and I'll be for ever grateful to you and your school. You guys have been an inspiration to me!


Every lecture is like a revelation to me and an answer to my need for a spiritual framework to herbalism that would interweave things together and would provide a connection leading to deeper understanding.

- Eleni Christoforatou - Corfu, Greece

“These teachings have offered me the tools and information to approach healing on seen and unseen levels for plants, people, and the earth in general. They have provided a level of depth I had not yet arrived at, and given support to many intuitions and heart oriented feelings I’ve experienced.”

-Mattie Morton - Bozeman, Montana

“My life has changed ten-fold. I have experienced a complete paradigm shift. Before this class, my heart was closed off to the magical world of the forest - the spirits. Now, I embrace it fully. I can’t thank you enough Sajah & Whitney.” 

-Julia Bentley - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

“These teachings have helped me to trust my feelings more and to not brush them off as insignificant, giving me more confidence and grounding to my beliefs. It’s helped me to consider so much more in a person in terms of constitution, and  to things in a more universal, truly holistic way.”


“This program really allowed me to ask what I want to create and embody in my life and in my spiritual work. I’ve tapped into something deeper inside myself and have been super inspired and called into deeper work with the medicine of the plant world.”

- Jacqueline Bird - Victoria, British Colombia

“This school lays the groundwork for a perspective that has the potential to change the way humans live on the Earth. It has provided deep insight into approaches of healing, herbalism, and the cosmologies behind them, which can be applied to the many layers of plant medicine in a way that heals and transforms.”

-M.M. - Jacksonville, Oregon

“The School of Evolutionary Herbalism has benefited my life in every way. The course provided me with a framework in which I can see, understand, and interact with the world around me in a way that connects with my body, mind, heart and spirit.'

-Dylan Walker - Nevada City, California

“If I were to choose the most impactful words from this course, I would say, “learning how to walk the spiritual path with practical feet.””

-Jamuna Galay - British Colombia, Canada

“The school has opened doors of wonder and possibility for the magic of plant medicine and healing in a very practical way. I received healing on very deep levels through the sacred container you created for the plants to move through.” 

-Heather Kirkendall - Jacksonville, Oregon

“Every weekend I walked away feeling as though I just got off a spiritual retreat. Learning the ways of our world, (physical, mental, celestial) settled some of the restlessness that comes from being part of the contemporary Western culture. Each individual plant we worked with initiated us through our own healing and into the path of the Herbalist.”

-Dylan Walker - Nevada City, California

“These teachings have heightened my awareness and strengthened my trust in nature. I feel an overall deeper connection within my spirituality.”


“The School has really impacted me in a fundamental way. I’m super grateful and really inspired! Seriously, thank you so so much! I want to say how much I enjoyed you, Sajah, as a teacher. I’ve really been moved by your humility and compassion in this work with us and feel personally inspired by you!” 

-Jaquie Day - Victoria, British Colombia

“I feel this course has helped me bridge all these pieces of information I have been gathering over the years into a cohesive whole of understanding. I have a more integrated approach and perspective of herbalism through seeing the common threads that weave throughout every tradition.”

-Amela Hall - Montpelier, Vermont

“Thank you so much! This work is powerful and important, and I am so glad you are here sharing your heart.”

-M.M. - Jacksonville, Oregon

“I was surprised that this class was just as healing as it was informational.”

-J.S. - Jacksonville, Oregon

The course was extraordinary. Sajah extends an energy of humble wisdom, the learning environment created felt welcoming and grounded. I came into the program with many years of herbal studies behind me and have found my practice greatly enriched by the course. There is a depth and a connectedness to the course material which I have not found in other programs. Sajah’s teachings have transformed the way I practice herbalism, and profoundly enhanced my connection with the plants. I found much of the course material easy to grasp, and more significantly, to easy to integrate. I am exceedingly grateful for my experience in the program. I continue to practice and deepen my understanding of the teachings today."

-J.D. - Saanichton, British Colombia

This program has tremendously enhanced my competence and confidence in my ability to help people with plant medicine. I feel that I have the tools and know-how, confidence to really start a practice now. I feel as though I have support from the School of Evolutionary herbalism and material to consult for a lifetime. I was completely unaware that it was possible to study in this way (online) and this experience was an awakening for me to new possibilities and actually a new life where I feel ready and prepared to practice herbalism and sharing the intelligence of nature!"

-Lisa Jeannin - Tranås, Sweden

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for the healing I received in this program. You’ve provided me with amazing tools for years of self study and personal healing to come. I could not have designed a better school for myself!”

- Willow, Portland, OR - past student of the Alchemical Herbalism Program


"A critical perspective that I learned throughout this program was to consider the whole person in combination with a whole plant as a virtuous healer, instead of spotlighting on symptoms and corresponding herbs. Throughout the program I was taught how to get specific with herbs for someone I seek to help heal. I no longer feel like I am reaching in the dark for any herb that may be applicable- I am formulating specific herbal blends for every unique person that seeks my aid."

- Mayan Silan

I have studied with several different teachers and the instruction usually focuses on an allopathic approach of “this herb being good for that” without taking the individual into consideration. This program influenced me to be more precise and specific in matching the appropriate herbs to the client's condition."

Mary Anne Leary - California

Sajah's practice and teachings truly are holistic. In addition to providing loads of scientific information, he shares insights into the correspondences among herbal traditions; the relationships among people, plants and universal energies; and how they all play a vital role in achieving balance and health. Sajah brings you through the whole process: from the foundations of herbalism to assessment to formulating. I also loved the format, which offers both video and print versions of the lessons, as well as easy access to the teacher when you have questions or comments."

Ann Torp - Illinois

"I’d recommend this program to anyone who want to build a magical relationship to the plant kingdom, who wants to garner information and wisdom not just from a book, but from being open and willing to learn through perceiving the energetic, astrological, and Ayurvedic patterns in everyday life."

Atisa Rashidi - Vancouver, British Colombia

After taking this program, I now have more confidence with really knowing materia medica and have more personal experience with a wider variety of herbs. The course introduced me to herbs that I have not used and has given me a greater understanding of how they work, their benefits, and when it is most effective to use them. I also gained more knowledge as to how to effectively consult with a client and how to use a client's astrological chart when considering the appropriate herbs for their condition."

Mary Anne Leary - California

"The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program gave me the foundation I was looking for in clinical herbalism. Going through each organ system of the body not only helped me to categorize herbal actions and affinities and gain a deeper comprehension of the tissue states within the body, but also gave me more of an understanding of my own body as a whole and my own self healing capabilities."

Mamie Wartelle - Kingston, Washington

"This program is much more in depth and encompasses both science and spirituality in a way that only Sajah can. The content was well organized and the information was more clearly presented than in any other herbalism course that I have taken. The recordings are amazing and I listen to them regularly and repeatedly. I had a practice before and continue to have a practice but now I have more ease with making formulas for clients and more knowledge of herbal energetics. I feel more confident in using vitalism in my practice and feel that I am now working much more holistically than before.”

Steph Jackson - Vancouver, British Colombia

"After taking this program, I feel very confident in the skills I gained to understand the patterns of the herbs in a much deeper, more insightful and magical way. I’m now able to see symptoms within people with more depth too - seeing them as patterns that reflect into potentially deeper aspects of an individuals experience. It has given me guiding principles to practice herbalism by, as well as the capacity to think in a well rounded way of both being in a state of wonder and curiosity with both people and plants."

Atisa Rashidi - Vancouver, British Colombia

"I definitely believe that the deep understanding of the tissue states and herbal energetics that the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program offers sets us students apart from other herbalists. This has been foundational to my practice and has instilled the mindset to support the whole individual and the vital force."

Mamie Wartelle - Kingston, Washington

"The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program has significantly changed the way I view plants, humans, disease, and elemental energetics. These courses help me dive deeper into the interconnectedness of life and truly embrace the holistic nature of health and healing. My herbal studies feel new and exciting, and my herbal practice feels much more solid and grounded."

Shannon Muldoon

"The courses I took with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism were initiations for me! It is truly a school about the vital force within all living things. This program is so generous, so multilayered and well thought and felt through. I must say that it couldn't be more clear - it's a very good system that transmits very well online."

Lisa Jeannin - Tranås, Sweden

"This program gave me structure and a foundation. It gave me the confidence to go out in the world to practice herbalism and I'm now seeing clients. Before this program, I was thinking that I would never know enough and I was keeping my interest in herbalism private - just helping myself, my family and friends and I thought it would most likely stay like this. But through this course, a door to the heart of nature opened for me to share healing with others - to be a bridge between the herbs and the people."

Lisa Jeannin - Tranås, Sweden


"I've been studying astrology for almost 20 years now and I have never understood it so completely as I am now, going through it with you in this program. Thanks so much for making all your well earned knowledge available to us. "

- Doreen Phillips - student of Astro-Herbalism


"Astro-Herbalism is a practical and tangible way to integrate the teachings of astrology, which previously felt far away and mystical. This program gave me the tools I needed to connect planets, people and the botanical world smoothly into my day to day life and practice."

Sherri Mariash - Victoria, British Columbia

"By identifying the relationships between plants and planets, this program provided me a truly holistic approach for practicing herbalism, one that allows me to administer plant medicines based on ones unique astrological constitution. This framework for understanding herbalism is not only intellectually fascinating, but more importantly is eminently practical."

Hernan Savastano - Seattle, Washington

"Astro-Herbalism is a tangible framework revealing how the astrological patterns are reflected in plants and people, adding multitudes of understanding to an otherwise complex and ethereal system. I have become much more comfortable with the archetypes of the 7 planets and the 12 signs and am able to integrate that understanding into my day to day experience and developing healing modality."

Jason Scott - Williams, Oregon

"Learning to work with the planetary correspondences in plants revealed a whole new layer of understanding that has been invaluable information for my herbal practice. It has given me incredible insight into my own healing journey and empowered me to help others more fully. I highly recommend this program!"

Amela Hall - Montpelier, Vermont

"I was never especially interested in astrology- I had an urge to know more but whatever I tried to read or listen was quite boring to me. Astro-Herbalism weaved everything together in a way that has really changed my perspective about herbalism and made everything so easy to understand. This teaching is like an answer to my prayers for finding a way to deeply understand herbalism and get another way of thinking!"

Eleni Christoforatou - Corfu, Greece

"Before this course I had no idea about the interconnections between astrology and herbalism. Now I see that being an herbalist with astrological knowledge really takes my relationships with plants and people to the next level. I am so grateful for these teachings and don't think I would have been able to learn this information anywhere else. "

Kailani Gorman - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I just wanted to express my enormous gratitude to you for sharing your amazing teachings on herbs and astrology. I feel truly blessed to have found your teachings. I am not a herbalist, but I have had a keen interest in health and healing for many years. I have found your videos to be truly amazing and I am so excited by the things you teach and find the way it is expressed makes it very accessible. It seems to resonate strongly with me, more so than anything else I have ever found. So thank you for the amazing opportunity."

Sheri Simpson - Sussex, England

"This class was a gift I gave myself and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was opened to a profound understanding of plants and their synergistic connection to the cosmos. Sajah is clear, highly knowledgeable and passionate - one of those teachers you never tire of hearing."

Shonagh Home - Redmond, Washington

"With the installment about Aquarius, my personal sun sign, the astrological pieces became all the more clear for me – I was cracked open to a new understanding of myself with these teachings. I will keep listening each month, deepening my relationship to the plant nation and the Stars.  So much gratitude!"

Barbara Ocskai - Seattle, Washington

"As a student of astrology and herbalism, this program helped ground my understanding of the cosmos and enlighten my comprehension of the plant kingdom in practical yet magical ways. Through the exploration of different cultural perspectives on life and healing I can comprehend the universal language of plants, planets and the elements in a whole new way."

Theresa Layden - Portland, Oregon

“With this program I feel like Christmas comes every month, and I get to nerd out on new teachings for a whole month. This is a great way to learn!"

-Mike Goldstein - Seattle, Washington

“The Astro-Herbalism teachings were mind blowing... I’m super stoked to have been invited into the Hogwarts School of Magic, I always knew I wasn’t a muggle.”

-Dylan Walker - Nevada City, California

"Learning about Astro-Herbalism from Sajah has literally changed my life. The way that he presented the concepts was clear, simple and easy to understand, and yet he was also able to truly covey the beauty and complexity of the subject. My new understanding of astrology, herbalism and the planets has enriched my entire life, and given me a new platform of awareness from to grow and expand my work, my hobbies and my even my relationships. I highly recommend this program!"

Megan Carroll - Seattle, Washington

"Astro-Herbalism took my work with plants to the next level.  Now when I look at a plant I am able to figure out its planetary rulership, from there I can pinpoint what organ system it works on, and then I check out my clients natal chart to see where that planet resides. It makes medicine so precise and beautiful, I can't even imagine my life without these teachings. Talk about putting it ALL TOGETHER!!"

Julia Bentley - Jacksonville, Oregon

"Thank you for all of the information you offer on your website. I love the cohesion of your lessons and practices. I listen to you as often as possible. It's so refreshing to be able to actually retain beneficial information about astrology and herbalism. Your love and passion is contagious. Thank you so much for all of your time and work!

-Eve Schossler

"Your lectures are amazing! I have been around for a while and gathered a lot of information, but now here YOU are, jumping out of the computer screen, young and filled with immense energy - practically sitting on the couch with me! You have gathered all my favorites - from Paracelsus to Steiner - all different cultures and beliefs, yet you deliver this most amazing beautiful package with all that knowledge in a way I was never able to put all the pieces together - and I get it after listening to you! It’s remarkable and I want to express my gratitude and love to you for making your knowledge so easily accessible for us."

-Barbara Bradley, Switzerland

"Sajah's course was transformative for me. Working with the plants was inspiring and healing, but it was Sajah's particular way of seeing the world and presenting the information that made this school truly powerful. I came away from it with a new experience of myself and a totally different understanding of our natural unity."

-Mike Goldstein, Seattle WA - student of Botanical Constellations & the Alchemical Herbalism


“Elemental Herbalism breaks things down in a way that I’ve always felt, but have never known how to express. The teachings have really helped me to consciously work on being a balanced human being in a potent and powerful way.”

-Kailani Gorman - Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Elemental Herbalism really made herbalism more accessible for me. It put a pattern and understanding to seeing plants and medicine. I’ve been searching for my “language” in herbalism for a long time, and I feel like this is a big part of it.”

-Jaquie Day - Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

“Elemental Herbalism was one of my favorite areas of study within the school! This is really what helped me to understand the rest of my studies in herbalism. My healing and transformation began by understanding these elements within myself and how I relate to them in nature. It was a huge help!”

-Heather Kirkendall - Jacksonville, Oregon

The Elemental Herbalism course gives a foundational understanding that makes studying herbalism so much easier. Instead of trying to recall all the functions of an herb you get a framework from which those functions come to be. When you can see the fire or the air in a plant it just makes it all easier. Since going through the course and working with the elements I feel like I have both a better understanding of nature and a greater connection to it."

-Logan Christopher, Santa Cruz, CA

"Learning an elemental approach to herbalism tied together all my previous learnings of herbal medicine and allowed the wisdom of these elemental teachings to be something I began to feel and know in my heart. The elemental approach offers a way to truly experience the intelligent medicine of the plants, allowing for the personalities of each being to be known in a way that ties in traditional ways of knowing, as well as our natural healing abilities as herbalists and plant people. It essentially brought me to a deeper way of not only interacting with the plants, but understanding their true potency, purpose, and how to apply them practically when working with people. It is a way of looking at plants that continues to remain foundational learning, and underscores my way of understanding myself, the sacred patterns of nature, the plant world and will continue to offer insight and interaction in an energetic capacity. Understanding the elements allowed me the opportunity to truly vibrate in resonance with the songs of the plants. The teachings Sajah offers of elemental herbalism are so essential and beautiful." 

-J.D. - Victoria, B.C.

"What Sajah offers is beautiful and truly unique. He's explored the wisdom and knowledge of the Ancients and found a voice in which to convey these truths to our Western trained minds. The information he presents is relatable and tangible. He facilitates a classroom in which the mind is encouraged to expand into the cosmos and then interprets the information in such a way that his students feel empowered to practically apply these newfound tools in their everyday lives. Tools for imagination, tools for creation, tools for interaction and tools for expansion. I can truthfully say that Sajah's classroom space is unlike any I have ever experienced and would enthusiastically encourage peoples from all walks of life to pursue studies with him; who knows, it may just open up your heart and your mind to a world of possibility you never knew was within you!"

-Jamuna Galay - Vancouver, B.C.

“Sajah is a compelling speaker and it is clear he’s passionate about the work he’s doing.”

-Dana T. 

“Sajah is great at explaining material in a way that I can follow and understand easily and completely - one of the better teachers I’ve had.”

-Rose D. 

Sajah has an eloquent and beautifully simplified approach in articulating his knowledge of the elements and how they communicate through/with the plants and our bodies. The way in which he approaches the plants and elements themselves as teachers and reveres them in that way, continues to inspire me as I walk this path of communion with nature. I am deeply grateful for his teachings in my life!"

-Coco Kimmet - British Colombia

"For so long now I was feeling like I was just jumping from study to study and not getting far enough to feel like there was a purpose. But through Evolutionary Herbalism, I feel all the threads of my life and life study being woven together into something deeply meaningful and powerfully healing. THANK YOU. You both are doing incredibly important work and creating something not only deeply beautiful but so much what our battered world needs."

-Kathryn Foubister - student of Materia Medica Monthly


I am so grateful for Materia Medica Monthly as it has given me the doorway back into herbal study and living with the plants that is so accessible! The value you give for the cost is amazing! You provide so much content in a thoughtful, engaging way. I so appreciate the thoroughness and the level of detail you put into every section. I am so inspired by the work you do. It is hard to put into words how wonderfully perfect Evolutionary Herbalism is for me, but I want to express my deep gratitude. Since engaging in this program, other doors have opened and I'm connecting and re-connecting with people near me who are walking this path as well."

 -Kathryn Foubister

Thank you for your many years of work, research and experience.  Not only are you and your classes helping to make me a better herbalist, you are helping to make me a better teacher and helper of my community!

-Susan Thames

I really am impressed with your depth of knowledge and feel like after studying herbalism for over 25 years, I am still learning tons from you. Keep up your amazing work!"

-Julie Rothman

I’m super impressed with the materia medica monthly so far.  You are giving out a lot of great info, stuff I haven’t learned in my other herbal training."

-Becky Snell

"I only have praise for your work with these courses - your mission to bring it out to the people, the generosity, the immense work and thought behind it all. Your enthusiastic way of sharing your wisdom and knowledge is truly contagious. Your work is incredible on all levels."

-Lisa Jeannin - Tranås, Sweden

“This class has been wonderful and deeply transformitive for me. I am at a point on my path where I am working on rebuilding my basic foundation--on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The downloads I am getting from you are expanding my awareness and helping this new foundation become stronger and filled with more beauty and intelligence so that I may be in deeper awareness through all walks of life. I want to thank you so much for sharing all this light and coming though as a wonderful teacher and bright soul!"

-Mara Lutsky

The School of Evolutionary Herbalism provides a rich tapestry of ancient wisdom and modern science presented in a most understandable way. My experience of Sajah trainings is that they fully compliment all of my prior healing arts experience, even filling in missing pieces which has opened me to greater depth in my devotion to Spirit, and has activted my own healing art practice to be more potent for my clients. Through Sajah's teachings my communication with the plant kingdom is more available in the day to day. For me Sajah's classes are a lot about re-membering ancient alchemical wisdom. His courses are earthy, rootsy, generous, experiential, and wise."

C.L. - Ashland, Oregon

"Thank you for your devotion to herbalism. I have struggled a lot with the proper understanding of plants, however just really am aligned with your program. This has come at a great time and want to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. It encourages me and helps build my confidence. Thank you. You are a massive inspiration."

-Meg Tickle, Australia

Your teachings and your eloquent speech helped me understand the big picture, as if chunks of a complex puzzle got connected suddenly and made sense. Awesome and exciting and empowering! I am now ready to move forward in expanding my studies in herbalism, specially spagyric medicine, in a more kinetic way."

 -Sylph Laurie, Canada

“Sajah’s class blew my mind! He is so great, really relevant and is an inspiring medicine maker.”

- Diana Gustafson

Sajah is an awesome teacher - organized, clear, comfortable, and knowledgable. He seems to have a very broad and deep understanding of herbalism.”

-Jess Maggu

Sajah is a great speaker, presenter & teacher. He does a really great job of taking the complex subject of Alchemy & Spagyrics and simplifying it by the language he used and the examples he gave.”

-Ryan O-Conner Wolik

I feel like I've met kindred spirits in both Sajah and Whitney. I see that each step that they take is with great intention and the kindness that they share is humble and genuine."

-J.G. - Vancouver, British Colombia

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