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Get Beyond "Good For" Herbalism

Cultivate deep and profound relationships
with the plants you rely on for medicine.

You wouldn't want to just know your friends at surface level, so why would you know your herbs superficially? If plant medicines are at the cornerstone of your healthcare plan, you should know them in and out.

Have you ever been curious about a medicinal plant and gone to your herb books to learn more...

And end up disappointed by just a few sentences on what it's "good for" or laundry lists of constituents and actions?

Do you ever feel like you've read about an herb over and over again, but you still don't feel like you understand it completely?

This is unfortunate because your confidence in practicing herbalism is rooted in your competence of materia medica.

Your Path to Herbal Mastery

What is the #1 thing that you can do to become a great herbalist?

Is it wildcrafting more? Making more tinctures? Getting better at plant ID?

I would argue that your path to mastery lies in consistent and disciplined study and experience of materia medica.

But that doesn't mean just willy-nilly reading books here and there... it has to be done in a structured and strategic way so you come to understand your remedies, not just know about them.

The most effective herbalists understand their remedies beyond what symptoms they're "good for."

It's not just about knowing the medicinal actions, chemistry, or energetics of a plant. It's about getting to know the essential healing pattern within each plant and understanding how every aspect weaves together into a complete whole.

Once you understand that, you know how to heal the whole person with the whole plant, and thus are a true holistic herbalist.

Introducing Materia Medica Monthly

Materia Medica Monthly is like your own personal herbal Netflix, with new content added every month.

Strategically designed to build your understanding and experience of medicinal plants, this course lays a solid foundation for the beginner and gives advanced herbalists critical new insights and perspectives on the remedies they rely on.

These are the most comprehensive monographs you'll ever see...

In Materia Medica Monthly You'll Learn:

  • Critical Holistic Perspectives

    Learn the essentials about each plant so you know how to use it effectively. Get beyond “use this for that” by knowing the relationship between the tastes, actions, organ/system affinities, energetics and special potency/specific indications of each plant. These 5 keys are the critical elements you have to know about every plant for effective clinical use.

  • Essential Clinical Indications

    To effectively use a plant holistically, you must know the properties of the herb itself, and how it will interact with the body. Learn diseases and symptoms each plant is useful while keeping your perspective on the energetics and constitutional picture of the plant, as well as any specific indications for when to use that remedy.

  • Esoteric and Spiritual Properties

    The be truly “whole-istic” you must learn not only the physiological actions of the herbs, but also their subtle esoteric and spiritual potencies. This will be achieved through learning the planetary and elemental correspondences of the plants and their relationship to the energetic architecture of nature.

  • Traditional & Modern Perspectives

    Integrate traditional models in your understanding of plants by synthesizing the wisdom of Ayurveda, medical alchemy, astrology, Greek Medicine, Physiomedicalism and modern science for a well rounded physical, energetic, and spiritual understanding of herbal medicines.

  • Extraction Methods

    Each plant has a unique biochemical profile that yields to various solvents and methods of preparation. Here you will learn the best ways to prepare each plant for internal and topical uses, as well as our personal experience with spagyric and alchemical preparations.

  • Formulation Strategies

    To have a well rounded understanding of a plant, knowing how to formulate with it is essential. Each lesson will provide simple pairs, triplets, and complex formulas based around that plant to give you a starting point for how to begin formulating it to exemplify it’s various properties.

  • Contraindications & Interactions

    Keep your clients and those you love safe by knowing any contraindications, side effects, herb-drug interactions, and some pharmacological data about each plant so you know how that plant functions on a biochemical level.

  • Dosage and Administration

    To effectively use an herb clinically,  you have to know the various methods of administering the herbs (methods of preparation) as well as what doses to administer it in order to have the desired result.

So what's in a monograph?

We believe we have created the most comprehensive monographs in the world.

These are not just lists or short paragraph descriptions.

These are strategically designed to teach you the core principles of herbal medicine, to understand not just how to use a remedy, but the why and how behind it.

Most of the PDF monographs are over 20 pages long, and the accompanying video lessons range between 2-3 hours. All on a single plant!

Click the tabs below to see the three different sections of the Materia Medica Monthly monograph.

Part one of the monograph is the foundational principles of understanding a plant holistically, what we call the “Five Keys.” This section answers:

1.) Tastes: What is the primary flavor profile of the plant?

2.) Affinities: Where in the body does this herb target in terms of systems, organs, and tissues?

3.) Actions: How does the plant influence and act upon those systems, organs, and tissues?

4.) Energetics: How does the plant influence the ecology of the body in terms of temperature, moisture, and tone, as well as the constitution as a whole?

5.) Special Potency: What unique properties does the plant hold beyond the previous four keys? What are its key indications, specificities, or psycho-spiritual properties virtues?

Not familiar with some of these concepts? Not to worry, every lesson breaks down specific terminology and concepts so the lesson doesn’t fly over the beginners head.

Most herbal resources have lists or short paragraphs of what symptoms and conditions plants are good for. Rather than trying to memorize all of that, these monographs break down the core clinical patterns the plant heals in the body.

This gives you a very different lens to understand how the plant functions, what it does, and is much easier to learn and understand than lists of symptoms. This section teaches you how to think about and work with the plant holistically to heal the whole person.

The third section of the monograph covers critical teachings that guide you in effective usage of the plant, including:

— Pharmacognosy and Mechanisms of Action

— Safety, Contraindications, and Herb-Drug Interactions

— Harvesting, Preparations, and Pharmacy

— Formulation Strategies

— Planetary, Elemental and Philosophical Principle correspondences

— Esoteric Virtues

This gives you a full-spectrum understanding of the wholeness of the plant, understanding it chemically, energetically, and spiritually, so you can treat the whole person.

"Thank you for creating the most incredible materia medica I have ever seen! I just watched the free monograph on Calendula and immediately signed up for Materia Medica Monthly and was blown away at the content inside. I haven’t been this inspired in a really long time, so thank you so so much. Thank you again for creating something of incredible value that I can use to help others heal and to further my knowledge of these amazing plants!"


What You'll Get

  • In Depth Herbal Training

    Every other month you’ll get a new deep-dive training on a single specific medicinal plant. You’ll learn everything you need to know to use it holistically— from its herbal actions, energetics, planetary correspondences, specific indications and more. You’ll walk away from each lesson with a profound understanding of that herb.

  • Live Q&A Webinars

    Get a chance to ask Sajah your questions directly and engage with the community every other month in our live Q&A webinars. Get the personalized attention and coaching you need to reach the next level of your plant path.

  • The Herb Library You Always Wanted

    Get access to the past archive of Materia Medica Monthly issues, with dozens of remedies covered, as well as deep dive lessons on herbal actions, formulation, energetics, constitutions, and all past Q&A sessions. This is a treasure trove of herbal gold you’ll return to for years to come.

  • Community and Connection

    You’ll get exclusive access to our community center where you can connect with other students, share your herbal knowledge, ask questions and build community. Setup a profile, post to your feed, join a forum discussion, and make connections to enrich your learning experience.

  • Watch Online or Listen and Read Offline

    Every lesson in Materia Medica Monthly is in video format, but you can also download MP3 versions of the lectures and in-depth pdf notes, charts, handouts, and monographs.

  • No Risk

    There are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel anytime you wish! Once you end your subscription though, you’ll no longer have access to the online resource center where we archive all of the past issues.

  • 20% off Natura Sophia Spagyrics

    To really help the material to sink in, you’ll be getting 20% off of all Natura Sophia Spagyrics! You can work intimately with each remedy as you progress throughout the course.

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"The work Sajah is doing is so powerful and meaningful. It inspires me daily. These teachings have expanded and deepened my knowledge as an herbalist and I am able to serve my clients more skillfully because of his instruction."

- Colleen Zuntag

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