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Know your herbal remedies with depth and precision so you can dispense with confidence.

Issue 1: Calendula (Calendula officinalis) - Part 2

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Get Beyond Superficial Herbalism

Have a deep and profound relationship with the plants you rely on for medicine.

You wouldn't want to just know your friends at surface level, so why would you know your herbs superficially? If plant medicines are at the cornerstone of your healthcare plan, you should know them in and out.

Have you ever been curious about a medicinal plant, so you go to your herb books to learn more - you open up to its page only to be disappointed by just a few sentences or paragraphs about that herb?

Do you ever feel like you've read about an herb over and over again, but you still don't feel like you understand it completely?

Are you tired of hearing about what "herbs are good for?" Sick of getting laundry lists of actions and constituents, rather than getting down to the nitty gritty of the true nature of herbs?

Your confidence in practicing herbalism is rooted in your competence of materia medica.

It's unfortunate that so many herbal resources in the modern world approach materia medica with an allopathic mindset. They see herbs only for their chemistry, what they are good for, and how they can treat symptoms - being essentially just alternatives for drugs.

Most herb books don't give you the critical information you need to know to be an effective, vitalist, clinical herbalist. 

Materia Medica Monthly is all about giving you the strategies, skills, principles and practices for how to master your materia medica holistically.

What does that mean? It means that you don't use herbs to treat symptoms or diseases, but rather the whole person- which includes their psychology, emotional patterns, spirit, and the underlying energetics behind their symptoms.

This isn't about knowing what an herb is "good for." It isn't even just about knowing the medicinal actions, chemistry or even energetics of a plant. It's about getting to know the essential pattern within each plant - the bigger picture that encompasses all of those aspects intelligently.

Materia Medica Monthly is your path to mastering the art of herbalism through understanding your plants in-depth so that you get real results in your herbal practice. With this depth of knowledge about the plants you work with, you'll effectively heal those you serve.

You don't want you to a be a "hope herbalist," where you give out herbal remedies and hope they work. You want to administer herbs with confidence, precision, and strategy so you know they're going to work.

In Materia Medica Monthly You'll Learn:

  • Critical Holistic Perspectives

    Learn the essentials about each plant so you know how to use it effectively. Get beyond “use this for that” by knowing the relationship between the tastes, actions, organ/system affinities, energetics and special potency/specific indications of each plant. These 5 keys are the critical elements you have to know about every plant for effective clinical use.

  • Essential Clinical Indications

    To effectively use a plant holistically, you must know the properties of the herb itself, and how it will interact with the body. Learn diseases and symptoms each plant is useful while keeping your perspective on the energetics and constitutional picture of the plant, as well as any specific indications for when to use that remedy.

  • Esoteric and Spiritual Properties

    The be truly “whole-istic” you must learn not only the physiological actions of the herbs, but also their subtle esoteric and spiritual potencies. This will be achieved through learning the planetary and elemental correspondences of the plants and their relationship to the energetic architecture of nature.

  • Traditional & Modern Perspectives

    Integrate traditional models in your understanding of plants by synthesizing the wisdom of Ayurveda, medical alchemy, astrology, Greek Medicine, Physiomedicalism and modern science for a well rounded physical, energetic, and spiritual understanding of herbal medicines.

  • Extraction Methods

    Each plant has a unique biochemical profile that yields to various solvents and methods of preparation. Here you will learn the best ways to prepare each plant for internal and topical uses, as well as our personal experience with spagyric and alchemical preparations.

  • Formulation Strategies

    To have a well rounded understanding of a plant, knowing how to formulate with it is essential. Each lesson will provide simple pairs, triplets, and complex formulas based around that plant to give you a starting point for how to begin formulating it to exemplify it’s various properties.

  • Contraindications & Interactions

    Keep your clients and those you love safe by knowing any contraindications, side effects, herb-drug interactions, and some pharmacological data about each plant so you know how that plant functions on a biochemical level.

  • Dosage and Administration

    To effectively use an herb clinically,  you have to know the various methods of administering the herbs (methods of preparation) as well as what doses to administer it in order to have the desired result.

What You'll Get Every Month:

  • A monograph a month.

    You get private access to a deep dive video training on one or more herbs every month. You’ll learn everything you need to know about that herb to use it holistically and clinically – from its herbal actions, energetics, planetary correspondences, specific indications and more – you’ll walk away from each lesson with a profound understanding of that herb.

  • Downloads and more downloads.

    Slow internet? Don’t sweat it! You can download the mp3 audio files and pdf transcripts and monographs of every plant. You’ll be able to saturate all of your senses with this information – watch, read, or listen to let it sink in just the way you like. Take it with you on the road and listen while you go!

  • Community and connection.

    You’ll have exclusive access to the member’s forum where you can share your experience, stories, and questions about each lesson. Not only will this enrich your life as you connect with fellow herbalists over this material, but you’ll also learn a ton from them too!

  • The herb library you always wanted.

    Here’s that treasure trove of herbal gold you’ve wished for. You’ll have an online reservoir of herbal resources to return to continually throughout your subscription. Plant monographs, herbal actions, formulation examples and teachings, and so much more will be offered in this online classroom.

  • No risk.

    There are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel anytime you wish! Once you end your subscription though, you’ll no longer have access to the online resource center where we archive all of the past issues.

  • BONUS!

    To really help the material to sink in, you’ll be getting 20% off of all Organic Unity Spagyrics! You can work intimately with each remedy as you progress throughout the course.

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