with Matthew Wood

We're honored to be hosting master herbalist, Matthew Wood,
for a 6 month herbal medicine training course live at our school in Jacksonville, Oregon.

This course is for students and practitioners of herbalism with some background in the subject. It is directed towards a knowledge of tissue states and organ systems. Every subject will include extensive discussion of the corresponding herbal remedies and some pulse and tongue evaluation to help introduce clinical skills.

Matthew has been a personal mentor & teacher for us for many years and we cannot recommend him highly enough as a wellspring of wisdom in herbalism. He's truly a master in his art, so this is an amazing opportunity to study with one of the top herbalists of our age.



September 29th - 30th 2018

The Six Tissue States, basic energetics of Western herbal medicine. The Blood and Differential Evaluation: blood deficiency, congealed blood. Application of the tissue states in simple systems: lungs, stomach.


October 20th - 21st 2018

The extracellular matrix, homeostasis, stress, and the tissue state. Capillary bed/matrix/lymphatic drainage as a unit. Herbal organ-affinities: example system, Muscular and Skeletal.


November 3rd - 4th 2018

Digestive Tract, moving beyond the tissue states. 80% of our immune system is tied into the GI tract, so it is very important. Organ systems axillary to GI: lymphatics/immune, liver, gallbladder, metabolism. Evaluation from the tongue.


December 1st - 2nd 2018

Circulation, Cardiovascular System, Heart, Pulse Evaluation. Starting with the discovery of the circulation of the blood by William Harvey (1628) there were several strong medical movements which emphasized the circulation (osteopathy, nineteenth-century medicine), not just for the understanding of cardiovascular problems but because the pattern of blood dispersal reveals disease patterns and treatment possibilities. And then, there is the chance for assisting cardiovascular health preventatively or sometimes even after its development.


February 16th - 17th 2019

Elimination and the use of "alteratives" or "blood purifiers" The four channels of elimination: lungs, colon, skin, kidneys. The four internal causes of "bad blood" GI (leaky gut), liver, thyroid, lymphatic stagnation. The extracellular matrix is the true site of "bad blood"


March 9th - 10th 2019

Endocrine system. Mapping out a "stickman" approach to endocrinology, showing how the endocrine "cascade" (hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals) interacts, explaining the use of adaptogens, adrenal tonics, thyroid remedies (this class and preceding). Intro to evaluation from the face, questions, specific problems in practice.


Matthew Wood, R.H. (AHG)

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist for nearly 40 years and is one of the worlds most renowned herbalists. He has helped tens of thousands of clients over the years, with many difficult health problems.

While Matthew believes in the virtue of many other healing modalities, he has always been inspired to learn, preserve, and practice the tradition of herbal medicine descending to us from our European, Anglo-American, and Native American heritage.

He is a registered herbalist of the American Herbalists Guild and has earned his masters of science degree from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (accredited by the University of Wales).

Matthew is the author of eight books, including: The Book of Herbal Wisdom, The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism, The Earthwise Herbal.


The School of Evolutionary Herbalism is located
on a 120 acre homestead in the mountains of Southern Oregon.

We're surrounded by wilderness, nestled in the heart of nature. It's peaceful and beautiful here. Without noise or light pollution, you'll be able to see the stars at night and you'll be serenaded by birds of all kinds. We invite you to take this opportunity to unplug and drop into a deeper state of listening to your intuitive self. This will open up a doorway for you to connect in a more profound way to the nature within and around you.

There is no cell phone service out here and it is rustic, so please be aware that you'll be away from the comforts of the city. There is no internet or phone access here - except for emergency use only. We will not be able to provide wi-fi access so please take care of all of your internet needs prior to coming out here. 

You'll need to be aware that we're sharing this home with other creatures you may not be used to. There are ticks, rattlesnakes, bears, and mountain lions in this bioregion, so it's important to pay attention to your surroundings while you're hiking on the land. There's also a lot of Poison Oak in the forests around the land, which may cause a rash or irritation on the skin for some people who come into contact with it. We'll help you identify this plant when you arrive, but please use caution when stepping off the trails.

How to Get Here:

The School of Evolutionary Herbalism is a 20 minute drive outside of Jacksonville, Oregon. If you're flying in, the closest airport is the Medford International Airport, a 30 minute drive from our place. Once you've completed your registration, you'll be sent the address & directions to the school.

We don't provide transportation to or from the workshop location, so you'll need to take care of all your transportation needs on your own. If you're wanting to connect with other students to arrange a rideshare, please contact [email protected]


The workshops are held in a 30 ft. yurt on the land we call home.

The yurt will be your home base while you're at the workshop. This is where we'll have our main class sessions & lectures. We'll have a beverage station setup at all times so you can help yourself to water, tea & coffee during classes & breaks. You're welcome to enjoy our library of herbal & alchemical books, and are welcome to hang out here outside of class times in the company of fellow students.

For seating, we will be providing backjack floor chairs. We will have a few seats on the couch and some standard height chairs available for anyone who would be more comfortable sitting in a chair. Please bring whatever you need to feel comfortable- extra cushions, blankets, or your favorite camping chair, for example. We will be sitting in lecture for large portions of the day, so please bring whatever supplies you need to be cozy. We may be spending some time outside, please be prepared for any kind of weather (hot, cold, rainy, snowy or sunny- the weather is somewhat unpredictable).



$1440 for all 6 weekends

$1390 if paid in full by 7/31/18


$240 is due by 9/4/18 to reserve your spot in the course

Payment Plans:

2 Installment Payment Plan Option:
$600 due 10/1/18 and 1/18/19
(in addition to the initial $240
deposit due at time of registration)

4 Installment Payment Plan Option:
Pay $300 due on 10/1/18, 11/16/18, 1/18/19, 3/1/19
(in addition to the initial $240
deposit due at time of registration)


There is a limited number of scholarship / work-trade positions available. Please contact
[email protected] for more info.


These workshops are full.
Please contact
[email protected]
to get on the waiting list.



Class will be held from about 9am - 5pm on these dates:

September 29th - 30th 2018
October 20th - 21st 2018
November 3rd - 4th 2018
December 1st - 2nd 2018
February 16th - 17th 2019
March 9th - 10th 2019


Once you've completed your registration, you'll be sent the address & directions to the school.


We don't provide transportation to or from the workshop location, so you'll need to take care of all your transportation needs on your own. If you're wanting to connect with other students to arrange a rideshare, please contact [email protected]

Lodging Options

We do not provide any lodging or camping for these workshops.

Please be aware that it's your responsibility to make arrangements for your own accommodations.
Any of your lodging costs are your responsibility - they are not included in the price of the tuition.

Sasha is willing to help arrange homestays for students traveling in from a distance. If you'd like to connect with local students to see if there's a homestay option available, please contact [email protected]

Here is a list of local accommodations:

- Sterling Creek Chalet Bed & Breakfast (the closest lodging option at our neighbor's - only a few minutes away).
- Applegate River Lodge - approx. 11 miles away
- Camping at Cantrall Buckley Park (only 10 min away)
- There are some Air B&B's nearby around our neighborhood (search near Little Applegate & Ruch for the closest options)
- There are a number of inns in Jacksonville (20 min away)
- There are many different hotels in Medford (30 min away)
- The Ashland Hostel (45 min away)
- The Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland has camping & tipis available to rent out. This is also a hotspring that's open to the public to soak & swim (45 min away)

What to Bring:

- Your own lunch (we are NOT providing any food during the workshops and we're about 20 min away from the closest restaurant/store. You won't have enough time to go out to lunch on break).

- Any snacks, beverages or foods that you want to have with you (please note we have small fridge in the classroom but please mindful of the space. You can bring a cooler through we ask you keep it in your car and please don't bring your own camp stove- no fires allowed!!)

- Notebook & writing utensils

- Any cushions or blankets you'd like have to be cozy during class time

- Water bottle & tea cup or mug

- Appropriate clothes for either cold, snowy, rainy or very hot weather (a good warm coat, rain gear, layers, etc.) Note: the weather can fluctuate throughout the day, so be prepared for both hot and cold days or nights.

- Walking/hiking shoes (you'll be walking dirt/gravel paths/roads on terrain that's uneven) There are trails to go hiking in the woods on breaks if you choose.

- An N-99 air filtration mask/respirator if the air quality is hazardous from smoke & wildfires at the time of the workshop

- A smile, an open heart and mind, and all of your positive energy, presence, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn and grow throughout the weekend!

What NOT to Bring:

- Do not bring your children, friends, spouses or any unregistered guests (unless you have communicated with us and received approval ahead of time)

- No drugs, alcohol, or cannabis (unless you have a prescription for genuine medical use)

- No dogs or pets

- No camping stoves, candles, lighters*

- No smoking tobacco, cannabis or anything else*


Fire Season & Air Quality Disclaimer

We are currently in the height of fire season in Southern Oregon, and the air quality has been consistently poor. It is likely to be much improved by September and October, but smoke inhalation may still be a concern the first 2 weekends of class.

If you have any respiratory conditions where exposure to smoke is a concern, please be sure to check the air quality map on the health department website and take precautions to protect your health. If the air quality is still hazardous at the time of the workshop, please be prepared with an air filtration mask rated N99, and eyedrops/hydrosols and other medicines you may need to fortify your respiratory system, mind, nervous system and general wellbeing.

Please know that if you choose to attend the workshop during hazardous air quality conditions, it is your decision to take the risk and we're not responsible or liable for any health conditions which may arise from being exposed to smoke & hazardous air quality.

Cancellation & Refund Policies

In the event that you need to cancel, please inform Sasha 30 days prior to the beginning of the course so she can find a replacement for your seat. You can contact her at [email protected]

If you're not able to attend one or more of the workshops, don't worry! We will be recording the classes so you will be able to catch up on the material by watching the video recordings.

Respecting Land & People Policies

To attend the workshop, you will be required to sign a liability release form when you arrive. This agreement states that you take full responsibility for yourself while you are here and that you are aware of the natural dangers of the wildlife and terrain here.

Please be respectful of the land here where the workshop is held. This is our home and we ask that you respect our privacy around our house and the other tenants on the property. Please do not litter, leave any trash or personal belongings here, or disturb the wildlife. Please be respectful of the space here and do not be disruptive, loud, or rude to any of the other students or residents on the land.

We have a no drug & alcohol policy. Please do not bring any drugs, alcohol, or recreational cannabis out here on the property. We ask that students show up to the class sober & refrain from partaking in any of these substances/plants during class and while on our property.

* We're in an extreme fire zone and have strict policies restricting any smoking, campfires, campstoves or anything that could start a fire. Do not leave any jars or glass bottles of water outside where they could magnify the sunlight and start a fire.

We are inclusive of ALL people, regardless of nationality, gender, race, sexuality, disability, age, education, etc. We have zero tolerance for discrimination towards any other workshop participants or peoples. Anyone who behaves in a disrespectful or discriminatory manner will be asked to leave the property immediately and will be removed from the workshop with no refund or compensation.

We do our very best to make this work available to as many people as possible. If you have any special needs or concerns which may interfere with your participation in the workshop, please contact us and let us know how we can support and accommodate you to the best of our abilities. If you have a specific pronoun or way you'd prefer to be addressed, please inform us so that we can treat you with the utmost respect.


The School of Evolutionary Herbalism is hosting this course, however it is being organized
by Pollinator Productions.
Please contact Sasha at
[email protected]
with any questions you may have about the course.

If you have specific questions regarding the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, please contact Nikita at [email protected]