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This little herbal school has been growing rapidly to serve & support herbalists around the world with quality education in plant medicine, alchemy & medical astrology.

We're ready to bring in a new team member who wants to bring their gifts, experience & knowledge to this school to help support our mission and collaborate with us to keep this important work flourishing and expanding.

As plant people, we believe everything in nature works together so that life can flourish and grow. For our business model, we look to the hive, to the mycelium, to the trees to learn how to be a community that uplifts and nurtures each other for the greater good. We believe in the power, beauty, abundance, and celebration that comes from working together and encouraging each other's gifts to take flight in the world.

If you're interested in joining our team, please look at the position below.


We're looking for just the right person to become our new Content Curator here at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. This person is responsible for creating, curating, editing, publishing and posting content throughout our various online platforms, such as our blog, YouTube channel, podcast, and social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). 

The essence of this role involves taking a transcript of video content shot by Sajah or Whitney, or a podcast interview, and editing it down into a well organized and logically structured blog post. This involves having a knack for taking spoken content and “translating” it into a well-crafted piece of written content. Social media posts and an email will also be crafted for promotion, along with accompanying imagery. All of these “post assets” are to be kept in a well organized and structured content management system. 

You will work closely with the founders of the business (Sajah and Whitney), as well as our Operations Manager Elisha, to make sure that you’re able to understand our voice and brand, so you can create content that’s in alignment with the values of the company.

A strong foundation in herbalism is not necessary for this position, but would prove very helpful. Experience in copywriting, editing, social media management, and marketing is preferred. Past students & alumni are preferred for this position, as they have personal experience and a depth of knowledge about our work, school & courses, however it’s not necessary to be a student to be considered for this position.

You must be great at working on the computer for many hours a day, have a good artistic eye to support the brand’s aesthetic, and be a great writer proficient in English with solid grammar & spelling skills. You must also be highly organized and able to create & follow systems and deadlines, as well as be self-motivated and able to excel at working in a virtual environment alone and collaborating with a team from afar. 

Lastly, one very important aspect to this position is the ability to receive constructive criticism and feedback from your team leads in a humble and receptive manner, as our voice is a very important and critical part of the businesses and we take this role very seriously. If you know yourself to be humble, open minded, flexible and see that input and feedback is a learning point and not an attack against your own personal character, then we encourage you to click the link below!

Application Deadline Friday, June 18th at 12pm Pacific

The Evolutionary Herbalism Family

Our team is a family. We work together to support our student base & serve the plants by spreading their medicine & wisdom out into the world through our work and we do our best as a team to uplift & support each other in the process!


Founder, Clinical Herbalist & Core Instructor


Founder, Clinical Herbalist, Instructor & Creative Director