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Most herbalists want to be "holistic."

But what does that really mean?

It means that you assess the whole person: body, mind, & soul.

That you know the whole plant: its chemistry, energetics, & spirit.

And most importantly...

That you have an integrated system of herbalism
that unites the science and spirituality of plant medicine.

True holistic herbalism understands that plants can heal the body and facilitate the evolution of consciousness, supporting our soul's journey of becoming the best versions of ourselves.

But something's missing in modern herbalism

that limits our ability to heal the whole person...

It's easy to get too focused on symptoms and
overlook the deeper levels of healing people need.

We use Turmeric to treat inflammation,
or Willow bark for a headache,
but can easily fail to notice
the root cause of these superficial symptoms.

It's common to just see what plants are "good for"
and disregard their holistic essence.

We use one kind of remedy to heal the body—
like teas, tinctures and powders—
and different ones for the emotions, mind or spirit,
like flower essences and homeopathics...

But what if you had a single form of herbal medicine
that equally addressed the whole person by
healing with the whole plant?

What if you had an integrated system of plant medicine that equally addressed the body, spirit and soul of people and plants?

Alchemy Reunites the Science and Spirituality of Herbalism

The tradition of alchemy harnesses the power of the transformational cycles of Nature.

We take those cycles and transform natural substances into a medicine.

And in turn, when we take them into our bodies, those medicines transform us.

Alchemy understands that to heal is to evolve, and to evolve is to heal. 

That true healing is not just a lack of symptoms...
but a transformational process that touches the core of who we are.
Turning our trauma into our medicine.

This is the level of healing desperately needed at this time...

Through integrating alchemy and herbalism, you can work with plants to provide the deepest levels of healing for yourself, your family, community and clinic.

Using the whole plant — chemically, energetically, and spiritually — to heal the whole person...

Rejuvenating the body, clarifying the mind, strengthening the heart, and healing trauma.

The School of Evolutionary Herbalism presents



Some programs teach alchemy. Some teach herbal medicine. None combine them like this program.

Alchemical Herbalism takes the principles of alchemy and shows exactly how they fit into the core of holistic medicine, giving you the ability to transform lives with plants.

This holistic system unites herbal traditions into a cohesive model that integrates the physical & spiritual qualities of people & plants.

You’ll combine theory and practice, the why and the how of holistic herbalism so you can heal the whole person using the whole plant. 

This is not your run-of-the-mill herbal program. The synergy of alchemy, spagyrics, medical astrology, Ayurveda, and clinical herbalism gives you entirely new perspectives and skills that revolutionize your practice of plant medicine.



Choose your tuition plan below to enroll:

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      You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.

      "Every lecture is like a revelation to me and an answer to my need for a spiritual framework to herbalism that would interweave things together and provide deeper levels of connection and understanding."

      Eleni Christoforatou - Corfu, Greece



        Deepen your connection with plants through an ancient mode of perception used by herbalists across the world. Rather than memorizing plant properties, you learn about the plants from the plants themselves.


        See the connections between the herbal traditions of the world — such as Western herbalism, alchemy, astrology and Ayurveda — and weave them together into a comprehensive system of plant medicine.


        Get beyond memorizing what herbs are “good for” and learn their essential patterns that influence people physically, energetically and spiritually. From tastes, energetics, and actions, to organ affinities, and esoteric properties, you’ll learn your plants with precision so you can target remedies beyond “use this herb for that symptom” herbalism.


        Understand the connections between the body, mind, and soul. Get beyond just treating symptoms and get to the root causes of disease. From constitutional systems, anatomy, physiology and pathology, to psychology and stages of spiritual development, you’ll know how to treat the whole person with precision.


        From chemistry and physiological actions, to subtle energetics and spiritual properties, you’ll see the deeper connections between clinical Western herbalism, Ayurveda, medical astrology, and alchemy for a truly holistic model. Relate people and plants to the wholeness of Nature by bringing together the science and spirit of herbalism.


        Step-by-step examples of how to create truly holistic spagyric herbal extracts that concentrate the chemical, energetic and spiritual properties of plants that heal the body, mind, and soul of the people you serve. Learn to practice the art and science of traditional herbal alchemy.


      Over 130 hours of training in 7 modules that dynamically build the previous one, leading you step-by-step towards a practice of transformational herbalism


      - Foundational skills to reorient your perception from your head to your heart

      - The importance of the "sit-spot" and the step-by-step processes for how to develop your own direct relationship to Nature and the intelligence of plants

      - How to refine your sensory awareness to develop your intuitive and rational faculties

      - Learn how to work with plants to heal the emotional & spiritual traumas that can be the root cause of physical symptoms

      Click Here to See Module 1 Curriculum Details +

      Module 1- The Intelligence of Nature (7+ hours)

      Lesson 1: The Evolution of Herbal Medicine
      Lesson 2: The World and the Earth
      Lesson 3: Communication with Nature
      Lesson 4: Building Relationships with Plants
      Lesson 5: Heart Perception of Botanical Intelligence
      Lesson 6: Natural Language


      - How the elements — Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether —  influence the cycles of the earth and cosmos, and how they're used to transform plants in the lab and people in the clinic.

      - Learn elemental anatomy and pathology, discover your unique elemental composition, and how they influence the human body, mind, emotions, and soul. 

      - Learn to see the elemental pattern within plants and how it allows you to bridge their physical, energetic and spiritual properties.

      - How and why most herbal traditions used the elements in their systems

      Click Here to See Module 2 Curriculum Details +

      Module 2- Elemental Herbalism (13+ hours)

      Lesson 1: Introduction to the Elements
      Lesson 2: The Earth Element
      Lesson 3: Earth Materia Medica
      Lesson 4: The Water Element
      Lesson 5: Water Materia Medica
      Lesson 6: The Air Element
      Lesson 7: Air Materia Medica
      Lesson 8: The Fire Element
      Lesson 9: Fire Materia Medica
      Lesson 10: The Quintessence and Elemental Synergy


      - The distinctions between allopathic and holistic herbalism so you match remedies beyond just symptoms… and down into tissue states (you’ll be able to be more strategic and precise in your remedy selection)

      - The fundamental principles of traditional Western herbalism, physiomedicalism, eclecticism, vitalism, and how to practice true holistic herbalism

      - Herbal actions, energetics, and organ affinities that target specific tissue states, the deeper patterns to look for when assessing symptoms, and how to match remedies to a specific person

      Click Here to See Module 3 Curriculum Details +

      Module 3- Patterns in Western Herbalism (9+ hours)

      Lesson 1: Western Herbal History
      Lesson 2: Vitalist Herbal Actions
      Lesson 3: Cold/Depression Tissue State
      Lesson 4: Damp/Relaxation Tissue State
      Lesson 5: Damp/Stagnation Tissue State
      Lesson 6: Heat/Excitation Tissue State
      Lesson 7: Dry/Atrophy Tissue State
      Lesson 8: Wind/Tension Tissue State
      Lesson 9: Herbal Actions by Organ Systems


      - How the principles of Ayurveda are connected to Western herbalism, alchemy, and transforms herbalism into beyond just healing with plants

      – Transform yourself: uncover the unique balance in your own nature, constitution, and relationship to the natural world

      - The unique Ayurvedic perspective on medicine, pathology, cosmology, constitutional theory, and herbal classification that combines with Western herbalism to create a truly holistic model of transformational healing

      – Learn how to use the chakras to translate between the physical and the psycho-spiritual levels in people and plants

      Click Here to See Module 4 Curriculum Details +

      Module 4- Eastern Alchemy and Ayurveda (24+ hours)

      Part I: Ayurveda Essentials
      Lesson 1: Introduction to Ayurveda
      Lesson 2: The Three Doshas
      Lesson 3: The Doshas in Detail
      Lesson 4: Theory of Health and Disease
      Lesson 5: Herbal Energetics
      Lesson 6: Seasonal Patterns and Energetics

      Part II: The Chakra Herbal
      Lesson 7: Introduction to the Chakra System
      Lesson 8: The Muladhara Chakra
      Lesson 9: Muladhara Materia Medica
      Lesson 10: The Svadhisthana Chakra
      Lesson 11: Svadhisthana Materia Medica
      Lesson 12: The Manipura Chakra
      Lesson 13: Manipura Materia Medica
      Lesson 14: The Anahata Chakra
      Lesson 15: Anahata Materia Medica
      Lesson 16: The Vishuddha Chakra
      Lesson 17: Vishuddha Materia Medica
      Lesson 18: The Ajna Chakra
      Lesson 19: Ajna Materia Medica
      Lesson 20: The Sahasrara Chakra
      Lesson 21: Sahasrara Materia Medica


      – A completely new approach to astrology that's fully integrated with herbal medicine (even if you know astrology very well, this module will take your knowledge to a whole new level by combining it with herbalism)

      - How the astrological archetypes influence your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and how to use herbs astrologically for healing

      - How to correlate plants to the planets based on their botany, chemistry, medicinal actions, organ affinities, actions, energetics, and psycho-spiritual properties.

      - Reveals how modules 1-4 have been teaching you astrology all along...

      Click Here to See Module 5 Curriculum Details +

      Module 5- Astro-Herbalism (45+ hours)

      Part I: Introduction to Astrology (5+ hours)
      Lesson 1: The Link Between Astrology and Herbalism
      Lesson 2: Astral Anatomy and Physiology
      Lesson 3: Determining Planetary Correspondences in Plants
      Lesson 4: Elements and Modes
      Lesson 5: Intro to Herbalism
      Lesson 6: Vitalism
      Lesson 7: On Sympathetic and Antipathetic Medicine
      Lesson 8: Perception of Botanical Intelligence

      Part II: Plants and Planets (16+ hours)
      Lesson 1: Introduction to the Planets
      Lesson 2: The Sun
      Lesson 3: The Moon
      Lesson 4: Mars
      Lesson 5: Venus
      Lesson 6: Jupiter
      Lesson 7: Saturn
      Lesson 8: Mercury
      Lesson 9: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
      Lesson 10: The Lunar Nodes and Chiron
      Lesson 11: Planetary Patterns

      Part III: Botanical Constellations (23+ hours)
      Lesson 1: Introduction to the 12 Signs
      Lesson 2: Aries
      Lesson 3: Taurus
      Lesson 4: Gemini
      Lesson 5: Cancer
      Lesson 6: Leo
      Lesson 7: Virgo
      Lesson 8: Libra
      Lesson 9: Scorpio
      Lesson 10: Sagittarius
      Lesson 11: Capricorn
      Lesson 12: Aquarius
      Lesson 13: Pisces
      Lesson 14: Evolution of the Signs


      – Step-by-step instructions on how to create Spagyric herbal medicines that not only heal the physical but reach into the psyche and soul to spur the evolution of consciousness (step into my lab and look over my shoulder as I show you my exact methods of creating medicine)

      – Why most alchemists are completing only half of the process… and how to complete the whole process of alchemical medicine (the secret steps no one talks about)

      - How to integrate inner spiritual alchemy with outer laboratory alchemy

      - Combine alchemy, astrology, and herbalism into a potent therapeutic model 

      Click Here to See Module 6 Curriculum Details +

      Module 6- Alchemy and Spagyrics (12+ hours)
      Lesson 1: Introduction to Western Alchemy
      Lesson 2: Cosmology and the Four Doctrines
      Lesson 3: Introduction to Spagyrics
      Lesson 4: The Alchemical Processes
      Lesson 5: The Volatile and Fixed Paths
      Lesson 6: On the Nature of Fire
      Lesson 7: On the Nature of Water
      Lesson 8: Astral Timing Mechanisms
      Lesson 9: Spagyric Tincture Blueprint
      Lesson 10: Spagyric Essence Blueprint
      Lesson 11: Theory of Health and Disease
      Lesson 12: Language of the Birds
      Lesson 13: Inner Alchemy


      – Through the sister sciences of Qabalah and tarot, learn to see how plants relate to the archetypal forces of nature

      - Decipher the energetic architecture of a plant through its relationship to the elements, principles, and planets of Alchemy

      – How to read the maps of the archetypal realm that Qabalah and tarot provide so you can easily orient yourself and discover the deeper meaning behind disease

      - Support your soul's journey by selecting the specific plants that correlate to your current pathway of personal development.

      Click Here to See Module 7 Curriculum Details +

      Module 7- Esoteric Herbalism (9+ Hours)

      Lesson 1: The Qabalah
      Lesson 2: The Tarot
      Lesson 3: The Energetic Architecture of Plants Part 1
      Lesson 4: The Energetic Architecture of Plants Part 2
      Lesson 5: Spagyric Energetic Architecture
      Lesson 6: Transformational Medicine
      Lesson 7: The Evolutionary Herbalist
      Lesson 8: On Path, Purpose and Plants



      The seven stages of alchemical herbalism represent the practical application of what you learn throughout the course on a journey of learning your remedies holistically, transforming them into powerful medicines, and healing yourself and others with them.



      What are the plants that you deeply resonate with and want to understand on a deeper level? The ones that "stand up in the forest and call your name"? The first step is discovering the remedies of your "inner forest" that you'll take through the alchemical process when you make medicine with it. Further along in the course, this plant will then guide you through the same alchemical process of transformation as it heals your body, spirit, and soul, and reclaims parts of your true nature. 



      Before looking it up in a book, build a your direct experience with the plant by sitting with it, learning directly from it through your heart, and developing your own relationship to it. You'll cultivate a deep and profound connection to your plant — far beyond what you could learn from a book alone — as you come to understand that plant's own unique language, teachings, and medicine. Your understanding of herbal medicine will be founded upon how people have learned it for millennia... from the plants themselves.



      Drawing upon herbal traditions from around the world, come to know your plant holistically and how it affects the whole person through its physical actions, constitutional and organ affinities, energetics, psychological and emotional properties, and spiritual virtues. Your heart based understanding will be balanced with intellectual, traditional knowledge that goes beyond just what it's "good for" so you can use it effectively and holistically.



      Integrating your experience and knowledge of the plant, you'll be able to decipher your plants unique embodiment of the archetypal forces of Nature through it's elemental and planetary rulers. You'll be able to see the essence of the plant through the relationship between its physical, energetic, and spiritual properties, as well as how those same forces allow you to understand human beings holistically. This is the key to preparing your plant alchemically and administering it transformationally. 



      With knowledge of the elemental and planetary ruler, you now can harvest and prepare the plant according to the principles of alchemy. You'll take the plant step-by-step through the transformational process of spagyrics to craft a medicine that concentrates its chemical, energetic and spiritual properties you've come to understand through the previous stages. This advanced form of medicine making gives you the ability to heal the whole person, because the medicine contains the whole plant. 



      Complete the second half of the alchemical process as the plant now guides you through the same transformational process you took it through in the spagyric process. As you take your spagyric preparations, you'll receive a deep level of healing and integration of your plant's unique medicinal virtues as it becomes a part of who you are. As you heal the various parts of yourself you'll come to a deeper understanding of the archetypes of Nature, and grow in your skills as an herbalist. 



      Everything comes full circle as plant by plant, spagyric by spagyric, healing by healing, you enter deeper levels of understanding of the healing power of alchemically prepared plants and step into the role of serving your community as an alchemical herbalist, sharing the deep levels of transformational healing you've received through this process.

      This is the path of the Alchemical Herbalist,
      where you learn your plants intuitively and rationally,
      through study and experience,
      with your heart and your mind.

      Where you're competent in the medicine you carry
      because you know it inside and out,
      you've experienced the transformation for yourself,
      and confident to share that transformation with others.

      These teachings truly are holistic.
      In addition to providing loads of scientific information,
      this course offers insights into the correspondences among herbal traditions; the relationships among people, plants and universal archetypes; and how they all play a vital role in achieving balance and health. 

      I also loved the format, which offers both video and print versions of the lessons, as well as easy access to the teacher when you have questions or comments."

      - Ann Torp

      This Program is For Both


      Totally new to herbalism?
      If you’re struggling to grasp it all— or even know where to start — this course was designed with you in mind. You'll get a solid foundation that gives you the competence to work with herbs with confidence. Our advanced students tell us this is the foundation they wish they’d gotten years ago.

      Already a seasoned practitioner?
      In addition to learning powerful new methods and practices, you'll gather tools to get even more power out of your remedies and clinical results in your practice. You’ll learn connections you’ve never seen before, and how to put that knowledge to use that provides transformational healing.


      We’ve had everyone from total beginners to medical doctors
      go through this program who have successfully integrated the
      teachings into their work with plants.

      Wherever you're at on your plant path, you'll get powerful tools to advance your practice of herbalism so you get the healing results
      you know are possible.

      This course was extraordinary.
      I came into the program with many years of herbal studies behind me and have found my practice greatly enriched by the course. There is a depth and a connectedness to the course material that I haven't found in other programs. Sajah’s teachings have transformed the way I practice herbalism, and profoundly enhanced my connection with the plants."

      Jacqueline Bird - Kingston, Washington


      • 140 hours of Online Training

        This program is the equivalent of a full year apprenticeship program. Unlike going to a live workshop where you have to cram it in all at once, you can pause and replay as much as you need.

      • PDF Downloads

        You’ll receive 200+ pages of downloadable PDFs of all of the notes, handouts, worksheets, charts, & tables, plus a mountain of additional study resources. You can print the notes & make your own workbook!

      • Lifetime Access

        Once registered you have access to the program for life. The program is designed so that you’ll get new insights into these teachings years down the road as you become more experienced.

      • Study at your Own Pace

        No deadlines! You can study as fast or slow as you like, and whenever you want. You can take your time and watch the videos over and over again, moving forward or backwards as you need.

      • Watch Online or Listen Offline

        The program is mobile friendly. You can easily consume this material anywhere. From the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or on the road – you can watch the videos or download the audio lectures to listen from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

      • Fully Searchable Database

        Alchemical Herbalism is completely searchable. If you have a question or are looking for a specific teaching, type it into a search bar and find the exact lesson to discover what your looking for. You also get access to thousands of articles in our knowledge base of all 6 Evolutionary Herbalism programs.

      • Your Questions Answered

        Can’t find the answer to your question? Get consistent Q&A videos where Sajah answers your questions along with all past Q&A videos. You literally get hours upon hours of engaging additional teachings in these content rich videos.

      • Connections & Community

        Engage with the community in our student teahouse. Setup your profile, post in your activity feed, start a forum discussion, update us on your program progress, start a study group, and make connections with other like-minded herbalists.

      Your Certificate of Completion

      As you watch each lesson, you can track your progress through the program so you know where you're at, where you left off, and how much more you have to go.

      After you've finished the entire program, you'll receive your own personalized Certificate of Completion to show that you've accomplished 143 hours of education in Alchemical Herbalism.

      “Not only are you and your classes helping to make me a better herbalist, you are helping to make me a better teacher and helper of my community! Thank you for your many years of work, research and experience.”

      -Susan Thames


      This is a one-of-a-kind integration of alchemy, clinical herbalism,
      astrology, Ayurveda, and natural philosophy

      To get all of this information elsewhere,
      you’d have to enroll in at least 5 different programs.

      – Alchemy and Spagyrics  $1000
      – Clinical Herbalism.         $2000
      – Ayurveda                      $1000
      – Astrology                      $1000

      Not only would that take years of study,
      but could cost more than $5,000

      AND you’d still have to figure out how to put it together!

      But I did the hard work and did it for you.

      This program is the result of 15 years of research
      distilled into a comprehensive system of herbalism.

      This saves you an incredible amount of time and resources so you can start improving the lives of your family, community, and culture
      through the healing power of plants.




      Get started in Alchemical Herbalism now for only $199



      Choose your tuition plan below to enroll:

      12 Monthly Payments of

        6 Monthly Payments of


          You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.

          “Words cannot express how thankful I am for the healing I received in this program. You’ve provided me with amazing tools for years of self-study and personal healing to come.

          I could not have designed a better school for myself!”

          - Willow - Portland, Oregon

          + YOUR BONUS PACK +

          In addition to the entire online program, you get all of these bonuses
          that are worth more than the tuition of the program itself!


          Central to the practice of alchemical therapeutics is the use of medical astrology. You'll learn how to read the natal birth chart for health purposes... from determining the constitution and temperament, assessing disease predispositions, and creating herbal formulas based on the chart. This course takes your practice of Astro-Herbalism to a whole other level and gives you the tools and skills you need to integrate medical astrology into your clinical practice.

          THE SPAGYRIC BLUEPRINT ($997 value)

          This is the closest I can get to bringing you into my lab and guiding you step-by-step through the art and science of crafting spagyrics. You'll get hands-on training on how to prepare spagyrics, set up your home laboratory, operate your equipment— and do it all on a budget. You'll learn different methods of extraction, purification, and recombination to craft different types of spagyric extracts. This is where the theory and practice really come together!

          LIVING ASTROLOGY SERIES ($197 value)

          This 12 part interview series gives you a more in-depth perspective on astrology from the heart and mind of astrologer Tyler Penor, who focuses on integrating astrology into your daily life and using it as a tool for self-understanding and living in harmony with life. These interviews lend more insight into the characteristics of the planets, signs, elements and modes, as well as lend critical perspectives that deepen your understanding of the astrological tool.


          Each quarter we'll come together on a live webinar where I’ll be able to share more teachings and give you an opportunity to ask your questions live and get clarity on anything you've been studying in the program. These exclusive student-only live webinars will occur around the changing of the seasons, four times a year. These webinars are a great opportunity to anchor the material in on a deeper level and have personal interaction with me.


          If you're just getting started on your herbal studies, this 5-week series will give you a solid foundation in holistic herbalism. You'll break out of the limited thinking pattern of "allopathic herbalism" or the "use this herb for that symptom" mindset. You'll know exactly how to approach studying plants and understanding people through the vitalist model, as well as get insights into herbal formulation and how to holistically evaluate clients.

          STUDENT DISCOUNT ON SPAGYRICS (20% off for 12 months)

          We’ll be talking about a lot of plants throughout the course and having an opportunity to experience them through the potency of spagyrics can be a great learning tool to bring the teachings to a tangible level. The Organic Unity dispensary stocks over 120 different Spagyric Tinctures, 50+ Spagyric Essences, and over 50 different formulas, making it one of the most comprehensive full potency spagyric lines in the world. This offer is available for 1 year after you register for the course and applies to the entire Organic Unity spagyric line.

          TOTAL VALUE OF BONUSES: $2,284



          Choose your tuition plan below to enroll:

          12 Monthly Payments of

            6 Monthly Payments of


              You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.

              HERE'S WHAT OUR
              STUDENTS HAVE TO SAY:

              This program has changed my life. After every lecture I feel more like myself. It's like a connection to something bigger. Since the moment I started all kinds of things have happened in my life. It awakened me and I'll be forever grateful to you and your school. You guys have been an inspiration to me!"

              - Susana 

              "This course was incredibly transformative. Working with the plants was inspiring and healing, but it was Sajah's particular way of seeing the world and presenting the information that made this school truly powerful. I came away from it with a new experience of myself and a totally different understanding of the world around me."

              Mike Goldstein – Seattle, Washington

              "This program has tremendously enhanced my competence and confidence in my ability to help people with plant medicine.

              Before this program, I was thinking that I would never know enough and I was keeping my interest in herbalism private. But through this course, a door to the heart of nature opened for me to share healing with others - to be a bridge between the herbs and the people.

              I have the tools and confidence now that I have support from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and material to consult for a lifetime."

              -Lisa Jeannin - Tranås, Sweden

              “Sajah’s passion, enthusiasm, and sense of curiosity and awe when teaching about herbalism is inspiring and motivational!  This was a very important aspect of the program that is undeniable and so very necessary when transmitting information to another.” 

              -Mary-Ann Leary – Jacksonville, Oregon

              “My life has changed ten-fold. I have experienced a complete paradigm shift. Before this class, my heart was closed off to the magical world of the forest. Now, I embrace it fully. I can’t thank you enough Sajah & Whitney.” 

              -Julia Bentley – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

              “This school has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new way of seeing and perceiving the world, synthesizing so much information I have studied over the years into a cohesive and practical system.

              It's given me a whole new skill-set and practical application for my knowledge and passions. A new lens to approach healing that encompasses both my clinical herbalism background, along with my spiritual longing.”

              - Anja Robinson, founder of Mana Medicinals
              Williams, Oregon

              "Before this course I had no idea about the interconnections between astrology and herbalism. Now I see that being an herbalist with astrological knowledge really takes my relationships with plants and people to the next level. I don't think I would have been able to learn this information anywhere else."

              -Kailani Gorman – Santa Fe, New Mexico

              “Sajah's unique approach to teaching marries the science and spirit of herbalism in a way that is both very grounded as well as being full of heart and inspiration. His sincerity as a healer and his real desire to empower and uplift his students made this program a really wonderful journey.”

              Sonja Myllymaki – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

              I can truly say that the School of Evolutionary Herbalism was the rooted foundation of my herbal practice. Sajah’s invitation to go into nature and into the heart centered space to cultivate a relationship with nature itself is what truly transformed me and then assisted me in cultivating a space for my practice. Through the Alchemical Herbalism program I now am a practicing astrologer and am now purchasing equipment to begin spagyric operations. Time and time again I come back to listen to the lectures in this course to not only brush up on knowledge, but also to reflect on how far my practice has come and where it will continue to go as it grows.

              -Cameron Allen, herbalist & medical astrologer
               Memphis, Tennessee

              "What Sajah offers is beautiful and truly unique. He's explored the wisdom and knowledge of the Ancients and found a voice in which to convey these truths to our Western trained minds. The information he presents is relatable and tangible.

              Sajah's classroom is unlike any I have ever experienced and encourage people from all walks of life to pursue studying with him; who knows, it may just open up your heart and mind to a world of possibility you never knew was within you!"

              -Jamuna Galay – Vancouver, B.C. Canada

              “Sajah is a great speaker, presenter & teacher. He does a really great job of taking the complex subject of alchemy & spagyrics and simplifying it by the language he uses and the examples he gives.”

              -Ryan O-Conner Wolik

              "Sajah is clear, highly knowledgeable and passionate — one of those teachers you never tire of hearing."

              -Shonagh Home – Redmond, Washington

              “This program lays the groundwork for a perspective that has the potential to change the way humans live on the Earth.

              It has provided deep insight into approaches of healing, herbalism, and the cosmologies behind them, which can be applied to plant medicine in a way that heals and transforms.

              These teachings have offered me the tools and information to approach healing with people and plants at a level of depth I had not yet arrived at.”

              - Mattie Morton, founder of Juniperous Clothing
              Bozeman, Montana

              "Honestly, this school has been epic. These teachings have been a huge missing link for me in both herbalism and my spiritual life. It’s really deepened what I thought was possible with the medicines offered by the plant kingdom.

              Sajah extends an energy of humble wisdom, the learning environment he created felt welcoming and grounded. I found much of the course material easy to grasp, and more significantly, easy to integrate. I am exceedingly grateful for my experience in the program. I continue to practice and deepen my understanding of the teachings today.”

              -Jacquie Day – Victoria, B.C. Canada

              "Your lectures are amazing! I have been around for a while and gathered a lot of information, but now here YOU are, jumping out of the computer screen, young and filled with immense energy - practically sitting on the couch with me!

              You have gathered all my favorites - from Paracelsus to Steiner - all different cultures and beliefs, and deliver it in this most amazing package in a way I was never able to put all the pieces together. I get it after listening to you! It’s remarkable. I want to express my gratitude and love to you for making your knowledge so easily accessible for us."

              -Barbara Bradley – Switzerland

              Through this course I have gained a confidence that I didn’t have before, even after attending several different herb schools.

              I gained a new spiritual perspective connecting with plants I already knew in a much more deeper and profound way. I feel like this was the class I needed to tie everything I learned all together.

              Before Alchemical Herbalism I was shy to call myself an herbalist, but now I realize what it truly means because I feel it."

              -Colleen Bones, founder of Witch in the Woods Modern Botanicals
               Humboldt County, California

              You have a choice. You can keep practicing herbalism as you are, trying to fit all the pieces together, possibly feeling like there’s a deeper level of healing you could be reaching with the plants and people you work with.

              Or, you can invest in yourself and grow into your life’s work by joining this program.

              Not only will you learn new ways to practice herbalism which will expand what you can offer to your community - you’ll also go through a transformational process yourself throughout this course. After people go through this program, they’ve changed… and they want to share that transformation with others.

              It’s time to heed the call, to take the next big step on your plant path and build the confidence to help others as an herbal healer.


              Along with the incredible community of herbalists, alchemists, and healers
              gathering in the program right now.

              12 Monthly Payments of

                6 Monthly Payments of

                  30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

                  You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.

                  About your instructor Sajah Popham


                  Sajah's mission is to share knowledge, tools & medicine that spread the healing power of plants - to not just heal our bodies of disease, but to assist in the evolution of human consciousness back into its natural state. His herbal practice encompasses clinical Western herbalism, Ayurveda, Medical Astrology, and Spagyric Alchemy. He has a degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University, is the founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and Organic Unity Spagyrics. He lives in the forests and foothills of the mountains in Northwest Washington on unceded Nooksack territory, where he and his wife Whitney work and homestead together on their farm.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Does the completion of this course provide certification?

                  Yes! When you finish the entire course, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion showing the hours of education you’ve accomplished in the Alchemical Herbalism program. 

                  Whenever you’re done watching a video lesson and you’ve downloaded the notes that go along with that lesson, that lesson will automatically be checked off as complete. This makes it easy for you to move through the course so you can pick up wherever you left off and know how far you have to go till you finish the program. This also enables us to ensure you’ve completed the course material so that we can award you with a Certificate upon completion of the program.

                  This certification only shows that you’ve completed the course – it wouldn’t make you “licensed” or “officially approved” to practice herbalism, because such certification doesn’t exist in the US at this time.

                  How is Alchemical Herbalism different from the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program?

                  The Alchemical Herbalism program is more focused on the spiritual aspects and philosophy of alchemy and spagyrics, giving you an understanding of the astrological forces that work through people, plants, and spagyric medicine. It is an overall holistic herbal philosophy that bridges the science and spirituality of plant medicine, with an emphasis on deciphering the pattern of the elements, planets, and principles within people and plants, along with integrating traditions like Ayurveda, Western herbalism, alchemy, Astrology, and natural philosophy.

                  The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program is more clinically focused, with an emphasis on the body systems through a constitutional approach and focuses on using plants therapeutically for people, along with formulation and assessment strategies. 

                  Originally, Alchemical Herbalism was considered the “Year 1” Evolutionary Herbalism program and the Vitalist course was “Year 2,” as it was designed to take the teachings you learn in Alchemical Herbalism to a deeper level of specificity for a clinical herbal practice. That being said, they are both totally stand-alone programs and you can certainly do one without the other.

                  So they are ultimately 2 quite distinct programs. The Vitalist program does cover some simple medical astrology through the organ systems, but Alchemical Herbalism goes into much more depth on medical astrology in herbal practice. Alchemical Herbalism briefly covers holistic evaluation/diagnostics, but Vitalism goes much deeper on this subject.

                  I'm already enrolled in an Evolutionary Herbalism program. Should I still consider this course?

                  Absolutely. All of the programs we offer are distinct unto themselves. That being said, Alchemical Herbalism does include a few other smaller programs we offer, including Elemental Herbalism, Botanical Constellations, and Astro-Herbalism. If you are currently enrolled in one of these programs and would like to upgrade your account to include Alchemical Herbalism at a discounted student rate, contact us directly at [email protected] or hit the chat link on this page to discuss upgrade options.

                  How much time does it take to complete this course?

                  Because you have a lifetime access to this program, you can move as fast or slow as you like. We’ve designed it this way because we know how busy life is and want you to be able to study at your own pace. If you were to watch 2 videos per week you will get through the entire program in approximately a year.

                  When you register, all the classes are taught through videos lessons, and come with the option to download audio MP3s and PDFs for further reference as you move through the content.

                  How much does the program cost? Do you have payment plan options?

                  We offer three different payment plan options which can be paid via credit/debit card.

                  Our payment plans are as follows:

                  – Single payment of $1,997 (Save $295 — Best deal)
                  – 6 monthly payments of $347 (Save $85)
                  – 12 monthly payments of $191

                  What's your refund policy?

                  We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no strings attached! That will give you the option to go over the materials and see if the program is a good fit for you. If you would like to cancel your enrollment within the first 30 days to get a refund on your tuition, you will need to contact us via email or phone prior to the expiration of the refund window. No refunds can be given 30 days after the date of your enrollment. 

                  Do you take interns? Can I work-trade for the program?

                  We currently do not take work traders or interns at this time, as we don’t have the infrastructure to manage and oversee helpers at this time.

                  If you are needing financial assistance, you can apply for our scholarship program here.

                  If I don’t have the proper set-up at home to make spagyrics, will this course still be applicable for me?

                  Yes! This program is not just about making spagyric medicine – this is only one module of the entire program. Much of what is taught is not just about making the medicine itself, but about how to therapeutically use herbs through understanding the underlying energetic and astrological principles behind plants and people.

                  If you are not into making the medicines yourself — but you want to start practicing someday soon; we do have a spagyric product line called Organic Unity where we make our own spagyric extracts that many practitioners and students order wholesale from us. If you are interested in seeing a catalog, please email us at [email protected]

                  I'm totally new to herbalism. Will this be over my head?

                  This is actually our best program for beginners. Even if you don’t know anything about herbs and you consider yourself a beginner, this program lays a solid foundation that gives you the skills & tools needed to use herbs holistically. We’ve had students with zero background in herbalism who excelled in this program. Sajah breaks everything down in incredibly simple yet profound ways that are easy to grasp to get your foundation solid to grow from.

                  I'm a pretty advanced herbalist. Is this going to be too basic for me?

                  This program was designed to give advanced practitioners new strategies and perspectives that will accelerate your herbal practice to a more refined and potent level. The integration of alchemy, Ayurveda, medical astrology, and clinical Western herbalism is a unique synergy that makes this program highly distinct from other herbal programs out there that is guaranteed to give you new perspectives, insights, and practices in your work with plants. We’ve had surgeons, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and many holistic practitioners go through this program and all were taken to a new level of precision and potency in their practice.

                  Are there any live workshops that go with this program?

                  This is a 100% online distance learning course and all of the program lessons are in video format, along with audio downloads of the lectures and downloadable notes. The lessons are filmed from our live classes, so it feels like you’re in an intimate workshop setting with Sajah and a community of students.

                  Though in the past we have offered live workshops on Alchemical Herbalism, we don’t currently have any live workshops scheduled for the 2020/2021 school year. However, students of Alchemical Herbalism are given first priority on any live workshops that we offer before they are opened to the general public. You will receive email announcements for any live events we may have. Please note any live workshops that may be available to you as a student are not covered in your tuition for the Alchemical Herbalism online program.

                  Can I ask questions or interact with other students?

                  Absolutely! A major feature of being an Alchemical Herbalism student is access to our exclusive Student Teahouse. Here you can setup your own personal profile, post to your activity feed, start a forum discussion, make connections with your fellow classmates, start a study group, and give updates on what you’re learning, struggling with, or need support with.

                  If you have questions, there are a number of ways to get it answered:

                  1. The program is a fully searchable database, so you can find the lessons and specific locations within videos that answer your questions.
                  2. You get access to our knowledge base, which has thousands of articles, questions and answered from the past 8 years of running our courses. You get access to the articles from all 6 Evolutionary Herbalism courses at no extra charge.
                  3. If you can’t find your answer there, you can submit your question to be answered on one of Sajah’s Q&A videos that are published on a weekly-ish basis. You also get access to ALL past Q&A videos, which is literally hours of additional content.

                  Do your videos have transcriptions or captions?

                  We’re working to get captions on our videos, but it’s a large project and we don’t have a date yet of when this feature will be available. This is a priority project as we want to make the course available to everyone. However, there are currently PDFs for each lesson in the program that you can download for your reference. 

                  Can I download the videos for the Herbal Alchemy Training Sessions?

                  Unfortunately the training session videos are not downloadable, and will only be available to watch until enrollment for Alchemical Herbalism closes.

                  Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

                  Yes, we offer partial scholarships to those who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color, elderly (65+), people with severe health challenges or disabilities, and veterans. To apply, please wait for an email after we close enrollment with further details.


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                  12 Monthly Payments of

                    6 Monthly Payments of

                      30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

                      You can get inside the program and see if it’s for you. You’ve got a month to watch the lessons and experience the program to make sure you love it. We stand behind our work and our word. We want you to be completely happy with your choice to sign up for this program – that’s why we guarantee a full refund if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you within the first 30 days of enrollment.

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