Herbal Alchemy: The Water Element

Learn how to use the Elements as a lens for classifying and using herbal remedies. The Alchemical herbal perspective involves looking at the planetary rulerships of different herbs, their organ

What is “Energetic Architecture?”

I use the term "energetic architecture" a lot in my work- for it's a phrase that to me truly encompasses the concept in alchemy of correspondences, or the philosophy that

Medical Astrology and Herbalism: Mars

Mars is considered one of the "malefic" planets- IE one of the "bad guys." Of course, no astrological archetype is purely evil or bad, unless we don't work with it

Medical Astrology and Herbalism: Mercury

Mercury- this astrological force represents the nature of our mind and much of our psychological temperament. The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury represents the changeable mutable qualities of our thinking,

The Transformational Virtues of Spagyrics

This is a full almost hour long lecture I gave at the Renaissance Medicine Conference in 2014, with Judith Hill and Matthew Wood. It's a pretty amazing conference that goes

Essential Oil Distillation of Turmeric

In this video I elaborate on the essential oil distillation process in the spagyric method. This example here is a little different from standard, as we were doing both a hydrodistillation

2014 NW Alchemy Conference Lecture

This is a lecture I've never given before outlining more specifically the nature of the Doctrine of Correspondences and Signatures and it's importance in herbalism and alchemy. Be sure to