Determining Interchangeable Species

Oftentimes with medicinal plants, there will be other species in a particular genus that can be used in the exact same way as the standardly accepted species that we typically use in herbal medicine.

An Interview with Jason Scott

One of the most powerful things about alchemy is that it allows us to draw on energetics. We can look at the planets and plants and see what their energetic

An interview with Robert Bartlett

When we talk about herbalism and alchemy, it can often seem like we talk only about the past. We know herbalism and alchemy have been used throughout history by every

Spagyrics: Ancient Medicine for the Modern World There's something that I've been thinking a lot about lately. I've been looking at the state of the world and everything that's been going on politically and culturally. With the

Gotu Kola Mineral Salts

The mineral salts are one of the most unique aspects of the spagyric process and the primary layer of the plant that are not included in most herbal products out there.

The Transformational Virtues of Spagyrics

This is a full almost hour long lecture I gave at the Renaissance Medicine Conference in 2014, with Judith Hill and Matthew Wood. It's a pretty amazing conference that goes

Essential Oil Distillation of Turmeric

In this video I elaborate on the essential oil distillation process in the spagyric method. This example here is a little different from standard, as we were doing both a hydrodistillation