Aromatic Plants & Resins as Medicine

A little clay pot holding a single coal burns some homemade incense, wafting a rich scent of frankincense and myrrh into the dry air. I feel a sense of clearness as

The Human Body: Machine or Ecosystem?

Modern biomedicine tends to view the human body like a machine made up of multiple "gears." When something goes wrong, we simply need to fix the broken part (or replace

The Allopathic Herbalism Trap

    Vitalism is an ancient principle found in the western traditions that recognizes the life principle within plants and people. This vital principle is what gives everything life, and while the

Herbal Therapeutics and Differentials for Pain

Let's face it, pain really sucks!! It can completely dominate your consciousness, blurring out everything else until it becomes your sole focal point, making life a bit more difficult to

Osha (Ligusticum grayi) profile

Osha is one of our great remedies from North American herbalism with a potent and powerful influence upon the respiratory system. A lot of people reach for it immediately whenever