Using Herbs to Heal the Mind

A number of medicinal plants directly influence our nervous system and can have an influence on healing our mind and our psychological state.

Understanding Herbs Astrologically Today, I want to talk a little bit more about the holistic model that I've been sharing over the last few weeks in regards to medical astrology and its connection

An Interview with Jason Scott

One of the most powerful things about alchemy is that it allows us to draw on energetics. We can look at the planets and plants and see what their energetic

Medical Astrology and Holistic Herbalism What Does “Holistic” Really Mean? The term “holistic” is used a lot in the alternative medicine field. When we look at the “holistic” orientation from some of our traditional Western esoteric
The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Preventative Medicine With Astro-Herbalism

One of the main problems with modern medicine isn't just based on the fact that pharmaceutical drugs can often cause more problems than solutions, but rather, it's a problem of

The ONLY Way I Could Learn Astrology….

Alright... I confess!! I really struggled with learning astrology when I first started. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me! I'd read about a planet or a sign of the