The Calling to the Plant Path

Each one of us has a story of how we ended up walking the plant path. Many stories I’ve heard have been a mixture of a dark night of the soul kind of healing crisis – meets – falling head over heels into the world of herbalism kind of love story with plants. Though each…

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Plant Allies for the Toughest Times

  It’s when you get challenged that you find your real strength. It’s when your foundation is shaky that you find your backbone and what really keeps you afloat. These times ahead are going to be testing all of us – they already are. This week has been huge in many ways – frightening at…

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SALE to support Standing Rock

You’re needed more than ever right now. There isn’t time anymore for you to doubt yourself, to waiver in what you believe in or to put off doing something courageous until tomorrow. There comes a moment in each of our lives where we’ve just got to stand up and step into our power to take…

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