Get to the Root Cause of Disease &
Reach Transformational Levels of Healing with


Preventing Disease Before it Takes Root...

As a holistic herbalist, you don't just want the people you serve to be free from symptoms...

You want them to be vibrantly healthy.

Physically strong.
Psychologically clear.
Emotionally balanced.
And spiritually evolving.

The power of holistic herbalism is that plants not only heal disease, but can prevent it from ever taking root, creating a paradigm of medicine based not just on treating disease, but preventing it by promoting health on all levels.

Unfortunately, most modern herbalism is focused on symptoms...

How exactly can you predict what kind of imbalances and diseases someone is predisposed to?

How do you develop an herbal practice that promotes health on the physical, energetic and spiritual levels that's specific to the individual and prevents disease from ever sprouting?

Enhancing the Healing Power and Precision of Herbalism

With the Ancient System of Astrology

The School of Evolutionary Herbalism presents



Astro-Herbalism is the most comprehensive online program that deeply integrates the practice of medical astrology and clinical herbalism. 

By harnessing the precision of astrology with the potency of the plants, you see the deeper meaning behind disease, the essential healing properties of plants, and a practice where you can equally heal the body, psyche and soul.

You learn one of the most precise tools in Western medical traditions, while at the same time integrating it with other models of holistic herbalism, such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Physiomedicalism, folk traditions, and even modern science. 

Astro-Herbalism is holistic in the truest sense of the word, as you don't just learn the wholeness of people and plants, but take it a step further by understanding their relationship to the wholeness of the cosmos for an incredibly powerful system of herbalism.

"Astro-Herbalism took my work with plants to a whole new level I didn't even know existed.

Now when I look at a plant I am able to figure out its planetary rulership, from there I can pinpoint what organ system it works on, and then I check out my clients natal chart to see where that planet resides.
It makes medicine so precise and beautiful,
I can't even imagine my life without these teachings!!"

—Julia Bentley, Solola, Guatemala



    Far beyond lists of plant-to-planet correspondences, you’ll learn how to classify plants by the planets for yourself. From herbal actions, tastes and energetics, to therapeutics and medicine making, you’ll learn the fundamentals for how to directly perceive the planetary influences in the plants and the synergy between astrology and herbalism.


    The 4 Elements, 3 Modes and 7 Planets form not only the basis of Astrology, but Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Alchemy. You’ll learn how the foundations of astrology grow from the same root as traditional systems of medicine so you can easily translate between models for a more comprehensive understanding.


    The foundation of medical astrology is understanding how the planets and signs correspond to the organs, systems, tissues and systems of the body. You’ll learn how to determine your physical strengths, weaknesses and predispositions for specific imbalances or diseases. This empowers you to know how to prevent disease with herbs, and also to see the connections between planets, plants and people on a deeper level.


    We go far beyond “Aries’ are courageous and Cancer’s are sensitive.” You’ll learn the core psychological patterning of each sign, both through their positive and “shadow” expressions. By learning the spectrum, you gather tools for how to embody the highest potential of each sign within yourself and how plants influence different facets of these archetypes to reach optimal psychological, emotional, and spiritual health.


    You’re going to get my exact framework for how to determine astrological correspondences in plants. From morphology, habitat, tastes, and constituents, to herbal actions, energetics, organ affinities and therapeutics, you’ll learn how each sign and planet influences plants on every level. You won’t find this level of detail on the patterns between astrology and herbal medicine anywhere else!


    Learn to determine your unique astrological constitution and body type and its relationship to the 3 doshas of Ayurveda and the 4 humors of Greek Medicine. This will give you a greater awareness and connection to yourself as you begin to see the astrological influences that shape your body, mind, and consciousness. With this information, your choice and use of herbal remedies becomes more precise and specific.


    I’ll break down the complex process of understanding the birth chart from a medical perspective. No need to be overwhelmed while looking at a chart again! You’ll have the tools you need to decipher the meaning within the natal chart in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow way. With your chart in one hand and some plants in the other, you have the keys to unlock the roadmap to vibrant health and your soul’s evolution.


    Each sign and planet represents a particular stage of initiation on the road of life. By understanding how each archetypal force in astrology is a process of growth, you’re equipped with tools to navigate through your life and chart with clarity, and use herbs to facilitate in your soul’s evolution. By equally healing the body and soul, your practice of herbalism moves to a transformational level.


Astro-Herbalism is divided into three core modules, each diving deep into the philosophy and practice of medical astrology and holistic herbalism.



  • Learn the foundational principles of astrology and their connection to holistic herbalism which will deepen your learning of both systems
  • Integrate your intellect and intuition in the study of plants and astrology
  • Understand the connections between healing the body and evolving the soul so you can heal the whole person
  • Learn the practice true holistic herbalism by uniting the wholeness of plants and people with the wholeness of the cosmos for more effective healing



  • Learn how the planets influence the health of your physical constitution and organ system strengths and weaknesses so you can better prevent disease
  • Understand how the planets generate your psychological temperament and its relationship to the body to more effectively treat the psyche with herbs
  • Directly perceive planetary patterns in plants through their chemistry, medicinal actions, organ influences, energetics, and spiritual properties
  • Learn how to directly see the planets within plants and people, rather than relying on lists of plant-planet correspondences



  • Learn how the 12 signs unite energetic systems used throughout herbal traditions across the world for a more comprehensive herbal system
  • Understand the influence of the signs upon organ systems, the physical constitution, and disease predispositions to guide your herbal therapeutics
  • Discover how the signs represent stages of human development and the cycles of transformation within plants and nature, and how you can harness that transformational power in your remedies
  • Learn to see the 12 signs as the archetypal spiritual forces within plants


  • Plant Morphology and Planetary Botany

  • Advanced Herbal Actions & Energetics

  • Organ System and Tissue Affinities

  • Psycho-Spiritual Properties of Plants

  • Therapeutic Principles and Formulation Strategies

  • Constitutional Systems, Anatomy and Physiology

  • Tissue State Energetics and Pathology

  • Psychological and Emotional Patterns

  • Spiritual Development and Evolutionary Functions

  • Specific Plants for Each Sign and Planet

You'll get all of the above points covered within each of the main planetary forces (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune) along with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Throughout each archetypal force you'll learn it's relationship and correspondences to both people and plants on the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels for a truly comprehensive and holistic understanding of the plant-planet-people triangle.

"I was never especially interested in astrology. I had an urge to know more but whatever I tried to read or listen was quite boring to me.

Astro-Herbalism weaved everything together in a way that has completely changed my perspective about herbalism and made everything so easy to understand. This teaching is like an answer to my prayers for finding a way to deeply understand herbalism and get another way of thinking!"

—Eleni Christoforatou, Corfu, Greece



If you're into herbalism, but don't know the first thing about astrology... no problem! You don't need an astrological background to take this course. We'll give you a solid foundation to understand and use astrology in your work with plants.

Likewise, if your background is in astrology and you don't know anything about herbs... you'll see how you already understand the core principles of herbalism through astrology, you'll just learn to apply it in a whole new way. It'll expand your whole understanding of what's possible with astrology!

If you're just getting started with
Astrology or Herbalism - don't worry!
This course will teach you everything you need to know!

And if you're advanced on either path, this program will
provide new levels of insight and clarity
that will refine and expand your practice
to greater levels of efficacy and precision.

"Before this course I had no idea about the interconnections between astrology and herbalism.

Now I see that being an herbalist with astrological knowledge really takes my relationships with plants and people to the next level.

I am so grateful for these teachings and don't think I would have been able to learn this information anywhere else. "

—Kailani Gorman, Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • In-Depth Online Training

    You’ll get the entire Astro-Herbalism program as video classes. Unlike live classes where you have to cram it in all at once, you’ll be able to pause, replay and repeat the classes over and over to let the material sink in.

  • Course Notes and Transcripts

    You’ll receive downloadable PDFs of all of the notes, handouts, charts & tables, plus a mountain of additional study resources in written form. You can print everything out to compile your own workbook!

  • Lifetime Access

    This material isn’t going anywhere – you’ll be able to revisit it for years to come. It’ll be a lifetime resource for you to continue to come back to. The program is advanced enough that you’ll still get new insights and revelations into these teachings years down the road.

  • Learn At Your Own Pace

    You can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to take your time and watch the videos over and over again, moving forward or backwards as you need. There’s no deadline to finishing the program — you can study as fast or slow as you like!

  • Take It With You Anywhere

    You can easily study anywhere. From the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or on the road – you can watch the videos or listen to the audio lectures from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Suits Your Learning Style

    We get how unique each person is. That’s why we deliver this information in multiple ways to cater to your life and learning style. You can watch videos, listen to audio downloads, or read the course notes.

  • Free Upgrades

    We’re going to be expanding the program and adding more material to it. As we continue to refine and improve this program over the years, any updates or upgrades we create for this program will be 100% free to you.

  • Watch Online or Listen Offline

    This is an online program, which means you’ll need internet access to watch the video lessons. However, all of the notes and MP3 audio files of the classes are downloadable, so you can enjoy those without needing internet connection.



When I first started studying the connections between astrology and herbalism, I was constantly disappointed with not only the limited amount of information on the subject… but also the lack of depth in what I found.

I wanted to understand the details on how plants and planets are connected, on how to use a birth chart to find the correct remedies and put together a specific formula for my clients. 

Unfortunately what I usually found was long lists of what herbs are “ruled” by certain planets with no explanation as to why. 

That just didn’t cut it for me…

So I literally went back to the drawing board and spent years deciphering the layers of connection between these two systems and translating it into a practical therapeutic model.

That’s what you get in Astro-Herbalism.

To learn all of this elsewhere, you'd have to enroll in at least three different programs on the subjects of Western herbalism, medical astrology and alchemy.

Not only would this take you years of study, but it could cost you upwards of $6,000 to enroll in these different programs (and that's not including travel expenses).

But more importantly, you'd still have to figure out how to put all those puzzle pieces  together into a cohesive and comprehensive system that you can put to use.

But I did the hard work by putting it together for you.

Astro-Herbalism is the result of 10+ years of research and experience working as a clinical herbalist using medical astrology distilled down to a complete system that's available to you all the time and easily integrates into your work with plants.

This will save you an incredible amount of time, resources, and confusion so you can start improving the lives of your family, community, and culture.

Astro-Herbalism Enables You to Help People

In Ways No One Else Can


Get over $1,500 value in bonuses for FREE when you enroll in Astro-Herbalism now


This HUGE additional 11 lesson module is a deep-dive training on how to read the natal birth chart for health purposes, giving you a cutting edge assessment tool to use with each of your clients. Never be overwhelmed by a chart again! You’ll learn how to determine the constitution and temperament, assess disease predispositions, and create herbal formulas based on the chart. This course takes your practice of Astro-Herbalism to a whole other level and gives you the tools and skills you need to integrate medical astrology into your clinical herbal practice.


This series of classes teaches you more in depth how to integrate astrology into your wildcrafting and medicine making through alchemy and spagyrics, as well as the evolutionary functions of the planets and signs through connecting them to the Qabalah, and the Tarot. These skills enable you to effectively harvest and prepare not just plants, but the planetary forces that operate through them, bringing about the transformational qualities of the plants you work with to a whole new level.


The elements play such a central role in understanding astrology and holistic herbalism as a whole that I decided to throw in a copy of the Elemental Herbalism Audio Course to strengthen your comprehension of these important energetic patterns. This in-depth audio course details each Element and their crucial relationships to humans, plants, nature, and all of life. This program gives you a solid foundation in herbal medicine through the Elements, which helps you translate into understanding the planets and signs much easier.


When studying astrology, getting different perspectives is critically important for a well-rounded understanding. This 12 part interview series with astrologer Tyler Penor gives you fresh insights on the signs of the zodiac, the planets, and core principles of astrology. His approach to astrology makes it co-creative, tangible, and practically applicable in your daily life so you can use these tools for healing, personal growth, and living in accordance to your life purpose. These interviews totally blew me away, so I know you'll get a lot out of them! This is an additional 12+ hours of audio material!


In this bonus module you will get a chance to see medical astrology in action! In these videos you will get to see Sajah breakdown an actual birth chart and show you step-by-step how to not only see into the astral causes of disease and symptoms, but also to determine which plants will be beneficial based on their astrological correspondences. This is another assessment and formulation tool that you can use when working with clients that is rooted deeply in the western medical and esoteric traditions. Through these case studies you'll get to see how everything you learn throughout the course gets practically applied in live charts!


"Learning about Astro-Herbalism from Sajah has literally changed my life. The way that he presented the concepts was clear, simple and easy to understand, and yet he was also able to truly covey the beauty and complexity of the subject.

My new understanding of astrology, herbalism and the planets has enriched my entire life, and given me a new platform of awareness from to grow and expand my work, my hobbies and my even my relationships. I highly recommend this program!"

Megan Carroll, Seattle, Washington

"I just wanted to express my enormous gratitude to you for sharing your amazing teachings on herbs and astrology. I feel truly blessed to have found your teachings. I am not a herbalist, but I've had a keen interest in health and healing for many years. I have found your videos to be truly amazing and I am so excited by the things you teach and find the way it is expressed makes it very accessible. It seems to resonate strongly with me, more so than anything else I have ever found. So thank you for the amazing opportunity."

—Sheri Simpson, Sussex, England

“Even though I've been in practice for over a decade with nutrition, herbalism and functional medicine, this course has taken me to a much higher level of understanding all of those areas and more.

I am now very comfortable in practicing holistic healing in a way I always wanted to but did not have the courage or tools to do so before.  

Using the birth chart has become an invaluable tool to decipher the complexities in my clients and I'm now comfortable with sharing and expanding in a larger way because now I know the importance of matching the plant to the person, not just offering the plants based on actions."

—April Shabazz, founder of The Herbal Releaf Apothecary

Thank you for your many years of work, research and experience.  Not only are you and your classes helping to make me a better herbalist, you are helping to make me a better teacher and helper of my community!

—Susan Thames

"This class was a gift I gave myself and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was opened to a profound understanding of plants and their synergistic connection to the cosmos. Sajah is clear, highly knowledgeable and passionate — one of those teachers you never tire of hearing."

Shonagh Home, Redmond, Washington

"Astro-Herbalism has given me a deeper connection to the plants I am growing, the medicine I am making and a greater understanding of how to administer healing medicine to my clients.

It has given me a strong foundation from which to build a special practice of growing, harvesting, and ritually hand-crafting herbal medicines.

My understanding of astrology has grown lending deeper insight into my own personal healing and evolution into my highest purpose."

—Alenka Loesch, Founder of Frux Farm
Warren, Oregon

This course has truly taught me to see, feel, and know the subtle energies of plants, people, and planets, which has transformed my world and outlook on everything I knew.

The most important thing I've learned along my beautiful journey with Astro-Herbalism, would be the synergistic communication all life has with the planets in harmony with each of our individual constitutions, charts, and current health states on all levels.

—Angelo Feriante, Washington

"Astro-Herbalism provided me with a practical answer and real application for supporting the path towards the resolution of emotional blocks with evident physical implications in my clients. By combining the physical and emotional levels of healing through astrology and herbalism, the healing process is greatly accelerated."

Clara Guarnieri, Italy

"Learning to work with the planetary correspondences in plants revealed a whole new layer of understanding that has been invaluable information for my herbal practice.

It has given me incredible insight into my own healing journey and empowered me to help others more fully. I highly recommend this program!"

—Amela Hall, Founder of Tula Holistic
Montpelier, Vermont

"Your lectures are amazing! I have been around for a while and gathered a lot of information, but now here YOU are, jumping out of the computer screen, young and filled with immense energy - practically sitting on the couch with me!

You have gathered all my favorites - from Paracelsus to Steiner - all different cultures and beliefs, yet you deliver this amazing package with all that knowledge in a way I was never able to put all the pieces together — and I get it after listening to you! It’s remarkable and I want to express my gratitude and love to you for making your knowledge so easily accessible for us."

—Barbara Bradley, Switzerland

"I love the cohesion of your lessons and practices. I listen to you as often as possible. It's so refreshing to be able to actually retain beneficial information about astrology and herbalism. Your love and passion is contagious. Thank you so much for all of your time and work!

—Eve Schossler

"Astro-Herbalism is a practical and tangible way to integrate the teachings of astrology, which previously felt far away and mystical.

This program gave me the tools I needed to connect planets, people and the botanical world smoothly into my day to day life and practice."

—Sherri Mariash
Founder of Wild Earth Medicinals
Revelstoke, British Colombia

"With the installment about Aquarius, my personal sun sign, the astrological pieces became all the more clear for me — I was cracked open to a new understanding of myself with these teachings. I will keep listening each month, deepening my relationship to the plant nation and the Stars.  So much gratitude!"

Barbara Ocskai, Seattle, Washington

"As a student of astrology and herbalism, this program helped ground my understanding of the cosmos and enlighten my comprehension of the plant kingdom in practical yet magical ways. Through the exploration of different cultural perspectives on life and healing I can comprehend the universal language of plants, planets and the elements in a whole new way."

Theresa Layden, Portland, Oregon

"Astro-Herbalism is a tangible framework revealing how the astrological patterns are reflected in plants and people, adding multitudes of understanding to an otherwise complex and ethereal system.

I have become much more comfortable with the archetypes of the 7 planets and the 12 signs and am able to integrate that understanding into my day to day experience and developing healing modality."

—Jason Scott, Founder of Feral Fungi
Portland, Oregon


You can either do what I did and spend the next 10 years researching medical astrology, alchemy and herbalism and try to figure out how it all fits together...

OR you can get it all in this comprehensive program.

Astro-Herbalism gives you everything you need to heal and transform people's lives through the potency and power of plant medicine + medical astrology.

Together I believe we can help to make this world a better place by contributing to the individual and collective healing of the planet that is so needed at this time.


12 Monthly Payments of

    6 Monthly Payments of
    $197Save $95


      Does the completion of this course provide certification?

      Currently we have simple certificates of completion that we are able to offer to students that complete the entire course. We are currently developing testing and homework for students that would like a more in-depth certification. As a student of the program, this will be made available to you as soon as it is developed. 

      If I’m already enrolled in another Evolutionary Herbalism Program, should I still consider this course?

      Absolutely. All of the programs we offer are comprised of completely different teachings and topics, and there is no other program we offer that covers the foundations needed to create your own practice – whether you wish to become a practitioner or simply help friends and family. This program is highly compatible with all of our other programs, as the entire Evolutionary Herbalism philosophy is woven into all of our teachings.

      How much time does it take to complete this program?

      Because you have lifetime access to this program, you can move as fast or slow as you like. We’ve designed it this way because we know how busy life is and want you to be able to study at your own pace. If you were to watch a video per week you will get through the entire program in about 6-8 months.

      When you register, all the classes are taught through videos lessons, and come with the option to download audio mp3s and PDFs for further reference as you move through the content.

      How much is the program tuition? Do you have payment plans options?

      We offer three different payment plan options which can be paid via credit or debit card. We do not accept PayPal, Venmo, cash or check.

      Our payment plans are as follows:

      – Single payment of $1097 (Save $167. Best deal)
      – 6 monthly payments of $197 (Save $95)
      – 12 monthly payments of $107

      Is there a guarantee?

      We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no strings attached! That will give you the option to go over the materials and see if the program is really a good fit for you!

      If for any reason you are unable to continue with your payments we are able to suspend your payments and program access. When you are ready to get back in there we can simply restart your payments and program access.

      Do you take interns/ apprentices? Can I do a work trade for the program?

      We currently do not take work traders or interns as we don’t have the infrastructure to manage and oversee helpers at this time.

      I’m totally new to herbalism and/or astrology. Will this be over my head?

      Even if you don’t know a lot about herbs and you consider yourself a beginner, this program lays a solid foundation that gives you the skills & tools needed to use herbs holistically.

      We’ve had students with zero background in herbalism who excelled in this program. Sajah breaks everything down in incredibly simple yet profound ways that are easy to grasp to get your foundation solid to grow from.

      I’ve been practicing herbalism and/or astrology for awhile, is this going to be too basic for me?

      This program was designed to give advanced practitioners new strategies and perspectives that will accelerate your herbal practice to a more refined and potent level.

      The level of detail within each organ system is profound and the synergy of Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Medical Astrology, and Alchemy points the highly unique synthesis of these teachings.

      We’ve had surgeons, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and many holistic practitioners who said this course brought their whole understanding of herbalism to new depths.

      Are there any live classes or workshops for this program?

      We do not currently offer any live classes for this program, but we do offer live webinars through out the year, which will enable you to attend and ask questions about your progression in the program and connect a little further with Sajah personally. We do have plans to put together intensive live workshops that will be exclusively available for those in the online program.

      How can I ask questions and interact with the other students?

      Absolutely! A major feature of being a Astro-Herbalism Program student is access to our exclusive Student Teahouse. Here you can setup your own personal profile, post to your activity feed, start a forum discussion, make connections with your fellow classmates, start a study group, and give updates on what you’re learning, struggling with, or need support with.

      If you have questions, there are a number of ways to get it answered:

      1. The program is a fully searchable database, so you can find the lessons and specific locations within videos that answer your questions.
      2. You get access to our knowledge base, which has thousands of articles, questions and answered from the past 8 years of running our courses. You get access to the articles from all 6 Evolutionary Herbalism courses at no extra charge.
      3. If you can’t find your answer there, you can submit your question to be answered on one of Sajah’s Q&A videos that are published on a weekly-ish basis. You also get access to ALL past Q&A videos, which is literally hours of additional content.

      Do your videos have captions or are they transcribed?

      We’re working to get captions on our videos, but it’s a large project and we don’t have a date yet of when this feature will be available. This is a priority project as we want to make the course available to the deaf community. However, there are currently PDFs for each lesson in the program that you can download for your reference. 

      How long are the videos available for the mini-course, and can I download them?

      Unfortunately, the videos in the mini-course are not downloadable and will only be available to watch until enrollment closes. 

      Can I purchase this as a gift for someone else?

      Absolutely! If you’re buying this program for a friend or family member, please send a message to [email protected] or give us a call at (833) 988-4433 and we’ll get you all setup!

      We're here for you if you have any other questions