Medical Astrology and Holistic Herbalism

Often when we consider the context of holistic herbalism, we tend to think of using the whole plant to heal the whole person. And by “whole plant,” we aren’t referring to the root, leaf, flower and seed/fruit of the plant, but rather using its holistic medicinal nature: chemistry, energetics and spirit, which will then heal the persons body, mind and soul.

But there’s a bigger picture to what “whole-istic” healing really encompasses, a bigger picture that is brought in through the unique lens of medical astrology. The practice of Astro-Herbalism isn’t just looking at the whole plant and how it heals the whole person, but also understanding the holistic nature of people and plants in relationship to the wholeness of life itself: to Nature and Cosmos.

What medical astrology does for our practice of plant medicine is provide a truly holistic framework that enables us to see and understand the patterns of relationship between the physical, energetic and spiritual properties of people and plants. Rather than having one system for understanding the body, and whole other model for understanding the spiritual side of things, astrology brings them together into a singular, cohesive and comprehensive model that ultimately grasps the wholeness of people and plants.

From classification of medicinal plants, herbal actions and energetics, to anatomy, physiology, and pathology, and even into formulation, administration, and diagnostics, medical astrology unites the various aspects of holistic herbalism, giving us a single language that connects people and plants to the universal forces of life and Nature.

What does holistic herbalism mean to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


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