My Herbal Mistake

Have you ever been too afraid to start practicing as an herbalist out of fear of making a mistake? Most of us are kind, empathic people who care a lot about the people we serve. We’re into plant medicine and the healing arts because we care so deeply and want to make a positive impact in people’s lives and in this world. So, one of the most terrifying things about actually helping people is… what if it backfires and we end up making that person worse!!! What if the herb we gave them makes them have an adverse reaction or increases their symptoms or simply doesn’t work. Then what?

Well, I wanted to share with you a story of when I made a mistake in my herbal practice. In this video, I share how I gave a client an herb that was actually contraindicated for the her constitution and condition she was in. I got to really learn what it was like to see an herb aggravate the tissues and amplify symptoms by simply not paying attention to the energetics of the person and the plant. Another great lesson in tissue states and energetics and how they really really matter!!

In our lives, and on our paths as herbalists and healers, we’ll all make mistakes at some point. But what really matters is whether we get up again and whether we truly learn from our mistakes. I believe the plants gave me that opportunity to enter a deeper level of listening, to really get it and understand the bigger picture of how the plant medicines work with people. It is in this place of humility that we can truly learn from nature and from life, and thus receive greater gifts of wisdom in which we will be able to serve and help others in a stronger way.

Do you have a story to share about something you learned about a plant from making a mistake?? Share it with us in the comments below!!

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