So during our newest 3-part video series, I issued a challenge to the Evolutionary Herbalism community to pick a plant… any plant…. and do a monograph writeup based on the 5 key elements of how to use an herb holistically. This framework includes researching and directly experiencing: 1) the taste of the herb, 2) the actions, 3) organ affinities, 4) energetics, and 5) prabhava, or special potencies of the herb.

This framework gives you a nice well rounded understanding of a plant that enables you to use it holistically and gets you out of an allopathic approach to using your herbs. This is so important and is one of the key things I strive to impart upon all of my students and the herbal community at large. We can’t think about herbs like drugs, with a “use this herb for that problem” kind of mindset, but rather learn to see the wholeness of the plant as it operates upon the wholeness of the person.

SO, a lot of people submitted monographs and I was thinking, why should I keep these for myself? Let’s post them so we can all learn from one another. So I put them up on a webpage for you to be able to read each others work!


There’s some really incredible resources in there so be sure to check them out!!