The Missing Link in Herbalism

That Nobody Taught You

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to studying medicinal plants? Don’t you feel like you could spend a lifetime learning about each one individually, but never come close to understanding them all? Ever get tired of trying to memorize lists of actions, chemicals and what plants are "good for?” Have you ever gotten the feeling that there’s a lot more depth to herbs than what the books talk about?

What if I told you there’s a way to study herbs that doesn’t require memorization? How would your world change if you could learn the core essence of an herb without even opening a book?

There's a much bigger picture going on in herbal medicine that nobody's looking at - and yet a thousand years ago, it was the entire foundation of medicine.

The problem in this information age, is that everyone's grasping at the little shreds of knowledge that are out there without understanding the greater context of how it all fits together.

And though we have these epic lineages, such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, available at our fingertips to study - nobody's asking the greater question, which is how did the ancients even figure this stuff out? What’s the underlying pattern found in all herbal traditions worldwide? And how was their spiritual understanding connected to their practice of healing?

In all of my seeking, after a ton of frustration and head scratching, I began to pick up the fragmented pieces of the puzzle and then eventually found how they all fit together.

And what I discovered was profound - that there are specific techniques for using plants that heals far beyond the physical body and unites the herbal traditions of the world.

This completely transformed me as a person, an herbalist, and my capacity to help my clients reach remarkable levels of healing physically and spiritually. It changed how I relate to life and see the world around me. And this is what it's done for all of the people I've shared this information with.

If you're like me - you don't just want the little scraps of disjointed information on medicinal herbs. You want the whole picture, because you're a seeker on a quest for depth and meaning in your life.

Your whole perception of herbal medicine and the world around you is about to completely change.

The Evolutionary Herbalism Immersion Program

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The Integration of Herbal Traditions

    Rather than learning just one particular model of herbalism, you learn the essential pattern that exists in all herbal traditions from around the world. You’ll get a radically new perspective that allows you to practice herbalism in a truly holistic way, and to see into the true nature of plants and people. You’ll learn Ayurveda, clinical western herbalism, medical astrology, alchemy, and much more!

  • How to Deepen Your Connection to Plants and Nature

    You’ll learn to not just rely on the books to learn about plants!! Through using your senses, heart, taste buds, and your own experience, you’ll learn about plants from the plants themselves. This will empower you to tap into the inherent intelligence of nature and the mode of perception that all of herbalism is founded upon.

  • What Energetics Really Means

    Learn to decipher how a plant acts upon the physical body through its influence upon the state of our tissues, as well as their actions upon the subtle body through the elements, the chakras, and the planets. Learn to see directly how the physiological actions of a plant are related to its psychological, emotional and spiritual properties.

  • The Practice of True Holistic Herbalism

    You will learn how to break out of allopathic herbalism and a superficial understanding of herbal medicine. This will enable you to move beyond masking symptoms and into correcting the core imbalance behind illness. Through different constitutional systems, you’ll be able to see how plants influence the mind, heart, and body, and can be used to treat the wholeness of the person.

  • How to Use Astrology with Herbalism

    You’ll get to directly see for yourself the relationship between plants and planets, and not have to rely on books. Learn how to use astrology as a tool for plant classification, organ system analysis, energetics, diagnostics and therapeutics. You’ll see how to use the birth chart to craft custom herbal formulas specifically suited to your client for greater results!

  • Medical Alchemy & Spagyrics

    Create herbal preparations that work equally on the physical and spiritual levels of healing and thus honor the wholeness of the plant and the person. Demystify the secrets of alchemy and discover the real alchemy of creating spagyric extracts and  how to specifically apply those extracts within a therapeutic context.

The Curriculum

The Immersion Program is over 130 hours of video lessons divided into 7 Modules, each diving into depth on a focused area of study.

This is the most broad-spectrum, comprehensive curriculum you'll find in a single herbal course.

Take a Tour Inside the Program

Click on the tabs below to see a few sample pages of the lessons in the membership site

Note: Each module has many more lessons than what you can see here! This is just a taste of what you get.

This program is for both the beginner and experienced herbalist alike.

We've had students ranging from surgeons, naturopathic doctors, aromatherapists and acupuncturists with years of clinical experience who want to refine and expand their practice using herbal medicine.

But we've also had yoga teachers, permaculturists, farmers & gardeners, a pro skateboarder and people with zero understanding of herbs who were drawn to plants to enhance their spirituality and connection with the Earth.

Even if you don't know a lot about herbs and you consider yourself a beginner, this program lays a solid foundation that gives you the skills & tools needed to use herbs for full spectrum healing.

If you consider yourself an experienced herbalist, this program is guaranteed to offer you new perspectives and insights that will advanced your work with botanical medicines.

What You Get & How it Works:

  • Over 130 hours of video classes.

    You’ll get the entire Evolutionary Herbalism Immersion Program on video. Unlike going to a live workshop where you have to cram it in all at once and hope to remember, you’ll be able to pause, replay and repeat classes over and over again to let the material sink in.

  • 400+ pages of lessons

    You’ll receive downloadable pdf’s of all of the notes, handouts, charts & tables, plus a mountain of additional study resources in written form. You can print everything out to compile your own workbook!

  • Lifetime access.

    This material isn’t going anywhere – you’ll be able to revisit it for years to come. It’ll be a lifetime resource for you to continue to come back to. The program is advanced enough that you’ll still get new insights and revelations into these teachings years down the road as you become more experienced.

  • Go at your own pace.

    You can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to take your time and watch the videos over and over again, moving forward or backwards as you need. There’s no deadline to finishing the program – you can study as fast or slow as you like!

  • Take it with you anywhere.

    You can easily consume this material anywhere. From the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or on the road – you can watch the videos or listen to the audio lectures from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Suits your learning style.

    We get how unique each person is. That’s why we deliver this information in multiple ways to cater to your lifestyle and learning style. You can watch it on video, listen to audio downloads, or read transcripts and notes.

  • Upgrades are Free.

    As we continue to refine and improve this material over the years, any updates or upgrades we create for this program will be 100% free to you.

  • Watch Online or Listen Offline.

    This is an online program, which means you’ll need internet access to watch the video lessons. However, all of the notes and mp3 audio files of the classes are downloadable, so you can enjoy those without needing internet connection.

There's literally no other program like this.

(The closest comparison we can find is Hogwarts)

There are currently no other schools who offer all of these subjects in one course. It's the most comprehensive program that exists today.

To learn all of this elsewhere, you'd have to enroll in at least 6 different programs! You'd need to find courses on:

Not only would this take you years of study, but it would also cost you around $10,000 to enroll in these separate courses (and that's not even including your travel expenses!) But you'd still have to figure out how it all fits together...

That's exactly what I've done with this course. I've compiled a decade of my own research, study, schooling and traveling to bring you a complete system that can be easily integrated into your work with plants. I want to save you a lot of time and money so that you can get out there practicing and helping people with these essential skills.


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You also get a bundle of our other programs included in the curriculum:

Astro-Herbalism, Elemental Herbalism, Botanical Constellations, and the Chakra Herbal

To buy each of those on their own would cost you over $2,000

Over the past 5 years of offering this program, we've had hundreds of students from around the world whose lives have changed and grown in profound ways.

Here's What Our Students Have to Say:

This school lays the groundwork for a perspective that has the potential to change the way humans live on the Earth. It has provided deep insight into approaches of healing, herbalism, and the cosmologies behind them, which can be applied to the many layers of plant medicine in a way that heals and transforms.

-Mattie Morton- Bozeman, Montana

“Honestly, this school has been epic. I am excited to see how these teachings play out and permeate all aspects of my life. These teachings have been a huge missing link for me in both herbalism and my spiritual life. It’s really deepened what I thought was possible with the medicines offered by the plant kingdom.”

-Jaquie Day- Victoria, B.C. Canada

I feel this course has helped me bridge all these pieces of information I have been gathering over the years into a cohesive whole of understanding. I have a more integrated approach and perspective of herbalism through seeing the common threads that weave throughout every tradition.”

-Amela Hall - Montpelier, Vermont

"Sajah is clear, highly knowledgeable and passionate - one of those teachers you never tire of hearing."

-Shonagh Home - Redmond, Washington

“This school has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new way of seeing and perceiving the world, synthesizing so much information I have studied over the years into a cohesive and practical system. They have given me a whole new skill-set and practical application for my knowledge and passions. A new lens to approach healing that encompasses both my clinical herbalism background, along with my spiritual longing.”

-Anja Robinson- Williams, Oregon

"I feel really blessed to have been part of this program. Sajah's unique approach to teaching marries the science and spirit of herbalism is a way that is both very grounded as well as being full of heart and inspiration. His sincerity as a healer and his real desire to empower and uplift his students made this program a really wonderful journey."

-Sonja Myllymaki - Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada

"Before this course I had no idea about the interconnections between astrology and herbalism. Now I see that being an herbalist with astrological knowledge really takes my relationships with plants and people to the next level. I am so grateful for these teachings and don't think I would have been able to learn this information anywhere else. "

-Kailani Gorman - Santa Fe, New Mexico


Enter your name and e-mail below to be the first to know if space opens in the program.

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